In the San Francisco Bay Area, interior space comes at a premium. We hear homeowners gripe about concerns for their home’s space all the time. Many people come to us wanting garage storage for their extra possessions, but really want a mudroom. If you’ve ever considered a mudroom for your home, read on to learn why you should revisit that dream!

How Your Family Can Benefit from a Mudroom

Installing a mudroom into your home isn’t about adding a new space for storage or inviting even more clutter into your home, but actually the opposite. When done correctly, a mudroom will free up the need for a great deal of interior storage and can give you back a large portion of sanity you didn’t even realize you were missing.

Small Rooms Grow

One of the trademarks of San Francisco Bay Area home is small bedrooms that lack storage solutions; so many families come to us looking for garage storage and cabinetry in the hopes that they can free up some interior space by shifting the storage burden to the garage. While they aren’t wrong, they are often times looking only at an obvious solution; by instead creating a mudroom (at the cost of a small amount of space), they stand to gain a considerable amount of storage back into their already small bedrooms. When coats, hats, boots, shoes, backpacks, briefcases, and more can be kept in one tidy corner of the home, you’d be surprised how much less clutter you see lying around the other rooms. Effectively, this gives each bedroom and living space a tiny bump in storage capacity, cleanliness, and even effective space.

Mess Maintained

As indicated above, when your point of entry and storage is relegated to a single area for the entire family, you’ll see less mess finding its way inward. Yes, this means no more stack of backpacks to clear off of the table before dinner each night, no more tripping over discarded shoes, no more coats on the back of your chairs, no more muddy bootprints leading in from the door, and even no more lost car keys when you’re already running late – all of those things, for everyone, have a designated home in just about any mudroom. For most families, much of the mess comes from catch-all points that people in the household use to set things down when they first come in and aren’t really thinking about leaving them where they can be found again or not cause an inconvenience for someone else.

Separated Supplies

When you design a mudroom that suits your family, each person will have their own storage space. This means that they won’t have to rifle through someone else’s coats, shoes, backpacks, and more to find what they’re looking for. Each person can leave what they bring in right where it needs to be to quickly find it later. Your mudroom serves as a check-in and check-out point for your home, with each person having their own unique subset of the room. Each member of the family can leave something on their shelf, knowing full well that it’ll be there when they next need it. This also makes remembering important documents and items you’ll need for your day a breeze; just leave things in your particular cubby and you’ll be sure to remember it when you next set out.

Agreed Entry

One of the best things about a mudroom is that it gives your family an assigned entry point. For most, the mudroom is located just off of the garage or near the back door of the home, so as to allow the mudroom to be a little untidy, leaving the guest entrance or front door free and clear to leave a great impression. By having one entrance that can get a little messy (so as to spare the rest of the home) and another that serves for guests and quick access in and out, you won’t have to do a last-second tidying every time someone shows up at your home any longer. Plus, with a single entry and exit point, it is much less likely that anyone will lose or forget something they’ll need for their day or bring in messes that are better left outside. The mudroom, after all, should be used to shield the rest of the home from mud.

California Living

One of the best things about a mudroom in the San Francisco Bay Area is the wonderful climate we enjoy. This means, for those of you that are still shaking your head at the thought of lost space in your home, that you can use outdoor space or even a wall of the garage as your mudroom area. Ideally, we love to see mudrooms just inside the home, but there is no reason why the outside can’t share a little bit of the burden, especially when a roofline and customized garage storage can be utilized to shield your possessions from the elements. Wherever you put your mudroom, it will see year-round usage in our mild climate and completely remove the need for packing and unpacking clothes for the cooler months. Just about any home in this region can benefit from mudroom-style garage storage solutions, if the owner and designer are bold enough to find the opportunity.

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