One of the most efficient ways to get your garage organized is custom garage cabinets. You can get your belongings off the floor and into a cabinet, where they can stay until you need them. The worst feeling is being late for a meeting, appointment, or child’s activity, and you can’t find the product, item, or gear you need — and it’s in your garage somewhere. It can also be daunting to look at a garage that’s cluttered and wonder: how will I ever get this organized? At Beautiful Garage, we hear this question more than you might imagine from our clients. We specialized in organizing garages with custom cabinets, storage, and flooring. Give us a call today so we can help you find what you need in your garage tomorrow.

In this post, we’ll share five imperative factors you need to consider before buying custom garage cabinets. It’s important you know exactly what you need as well as what you want for garage storage. Continue reading to learn more!

The Five Custom Garage Cabinet Factors

Factor #1 – What’s your budget?

It can be tempting to start looking for designs, colors, and features before you sit down and set a budget for your project. One of our priorities at Beautiful Garage is ensuring our clients have properly budgeted for a garage organization project, whether it be for cabinets, alternative storage, flooring, or all three. It’s important to know what you can spend and how much room you have to potentially go over budget. We’ve seen it hundreds of times with our clients: Once they complete the first phase of their re-organization of their garage, they want to do more — and we can help!

Factor #2 – How will you use your cabinets?

It’s a question many clients don’t answer specifically enough. They see the pile of cluttered belongings in the garage and think: “I need somewhere to store all of this.” At Beautiful Garage, we want to know how you will use the cabinets and what you need them for, specifically. Do you collect classic cars and work on them, too? Do your kids play four sports throughout the year and need to store their gear? Are you a green thumb and need more space to store tools and equipment? The specifics matter when purchasing custom garage cabinets.

Factor #3 – How much storage space do you need?

Once we know what will be stored in your cabinets, we then move onto how much space do you actually need. This is where the budget tends to shrink or expand. Those who think they can fit all their equipment, gear, tools, and more into a smaller cabinet installation are surprised that they need more. The opposite has occurred, too, where a client over budgeted for more space than they actually needed. Not only do we create custom solutions for garage organization, but we are pretty good at organizing things, too.

Factor #4 – What’s your preference on material, strength, and durability?

Before we get to the design aspect of your custom garage cabinets, we need to discuss the actual material. At Beautiful Garage, we offer wood and steel, two wonderful materials to use for garage cabinets. However, you want to make sure the material is exactly what you need and able to aesthetically fit your vision. The strength and durability of your cabinets need to survive the trials you’ll put it through. A mechanic will need steel cabinets. A gardner may be able to get away with wood or steel. A classic car collector could probably do just fine with wood, storing components, badges, jackets, and more.

Factor #5 – How do you want the cabinets to look?

This is the favorite question to answer for a large majority of our clients. Many people envision a certain feel and aesthetic in their garage before they even look at budget — and we don’t blame them. The way your garage looks is just as important — if not more important — than how much it costs. You’re going to see these cabinets every day when you leave or return to your home, parking the car inside. At Beautiful Garage, we have many options on color, style, and design when it comes to custom cabinets. We’re also willing to work with an interior designer to get the perfect custom cabinets for your project.

Beautiful Garage: Your answer to a cluttered garage

At Beautiful Garage, we offer an answer to the question every homeowner has asked at some point: “how will I organize all my stuff?” It’s a tough question to answer, since you aren’t sure if cabinets or alternative storage methods will be the best decision. Don’t fret! We’re here to help. We offer cabinets, StorALL, and epoxy flooring to get your garage situated and looking great. Give us a call today to get started! We serve San Francisco and the surrounding areas.