As more homeowners across the nation are embracing garage storage and organization makeovers, the wall storage system is a big part of the conversation. What’s more, people are beginning to realize that their garages do not have to be dark, damp dungeons where they toss “unwanted” belongings. In fact, your garage can be a clean, organized area that you can use with ease. For most, they organize their garages and find that they can park their car inside.

At Beautiful Garage, we believe the only item that should be on your floor is your vehicle. That’s why we offer the StorALL wall storage system, as well as custom garage cabinets. When you make the decision to update your garage storage and organization, you do more than get your belongings off the floor. You make your life easier.

In this article, you will discover the seven reasons to embrace garage wall storage as an option to transform your messy garage into an organized space. No longer do you need to climb over boxes or wade through long-lost belongings. You can simply walk over to your wall storage and grab the item you need.

7 Reasons To Embrace Wall Storage

You’ve decided to organize your garage. You know you want to simply get everything off the floor. In fact, you’ve even gone as far as looking at DIY options at your local home improvement store. What you’ve discovered is that wall storage systems that fit your storage requirements need to be custom designed. That’s where Beautiful Garage comes in. We custom design your wall storage system, utilizing StorALL to give you the ultimate solution in storage flexibility and durability. Here are the seven reasons to embrace garage wall storage:

#1. Clear Your Garage Floor

As mentioned above, garage storage and organization helps free up your garage floor. It’s common for homeowners to express their distaste for having “too much stuff.” For most, they do not have too much. They simply don’t have anywhere to store it inside their garage. A great reason to embrace garage wall storage is that you can get your bicycle, tools, gear, and more off the floor and onto the wall in a clean, organized orientation. Not only will your floor be clear, but you may be able to pull your car inside.

#2. Stay Organized

The time you waste digging past boxes and through your cluttered belongings adds up. Imagine you spend 60 minutes every single week wrestling with your garage. That’s 52 hours a year that you spend simply digging through your messy garage. What else could you have spent that time on? Once you embrace garage wall storage and get organized, you can stay organized and stop wasting time.

#3. Update Your Garage Floor

Once homeowners actually see their garage floor, they tend to dislike it. The dungeon gray concrete turns their stomach over every time they see it. The concrete feels cold and it looks uninviting. For most, an epoxy floor coating transforms their garage floor into a showroom. Also, a wall storage system gives you an idea of how you can add custom garage cabinets, too, to store your other belongings that you do not want to hang on the wall.

#4. Spend More Time In The Garage

The most prominent reason homeowners do not spend more time in their garage is because there is no space to do anything. How much time would you spend in your garage if you had a clear floor, organized belongings, and significantly more open space? You could work on your car, create a man-cave area, or repair tools. It’s not wonder the garage turns into a storage unit that never sees the light of day — there’s no way to store items. Embrace garage storage and organization so that you can spend more time in your garage.

#5. Enhance The Aesthetic

Want your garage to look nice? Do you want to show off your garage to family, friends, and your neighbors? You can steal the spotlight when you embrace garage storage and organization. You don’t have to deal with heaped piles of belongings. You can have a clean, tidy garage that supports your lifestyle — and gets compliments from your guests.

#6. Maximize Space

A clean garage is a big garage. The more you can store and organize your belongings, the more space you will have at your use. For most, an organized garage allows for one car to fit into the garage. A custom designed garage storage and organization system typically offers homeowners the opportunity to fit as many cars in their garage as there are bays. It’s often that those who organize their garage gain the freedom to use the space as they see fit.

#7. Add Value To Your Home

What’s one of the top factors in home value? The amount of space in the home. If you search for a home to purchase, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of the kitchen are the top three focuses. Why? How much space does the home offer for the lifestyle the potential buyer wants to live? It’s all about space. What happens when you make your garage an asset to someone who’s looking to buy your home? You add value to their personal assessment of the home, as well as the amount you can add to the price tag. As mentioned above, clean garage is a big garage. More usable space equals more value.

Ready to customize your garage storage and organization? Want to get all of your clutter off the floor and into a designated storage position? Call Beautiful Garage today to schedule a consultation!