Do you want to complete a garage makeover? A garage redesign can be a huge undertaking. The process of budgeting, designing, and installing is a lot of work. If you’re considering a DIY project, you may want to rethink the endeavor. Decluttering your garage and then adding organization and storage to it takes time that you may not have; this type of project isn’t a casual Saturday afternoon cleaning.

In this article, Garage Solutions is here to help you avoid mistakes of garage design and installation. Whether you decide to redo your garage on your own or have the pros at Garage Solutions takes care of it for you, we want you to know about eight common garage design mistakes so that you can avoid them.

8 Garage Design Mistakes to Avoid

Renovating a garage involves many different decisions and actions. If you want to attain the best garage storage and organization system, you must do your research and take your time. If you’re not aware of these eight mistakes, you may be wasting time and spending extra money.

#1. DIY Your Garage Design

You may be an ambitious homeowner who wants to complete a garage renovation on their own. You may want to simply add garage storage and organization into the space. What you ought to consider is the garage design. For most, designing a garage happens on a napkin while sitting at the kitchen table. This is a great start, but if you want a garage that’s going to fit your needs, you need to consider working with the professionals.

The nuance and experience that comes with designing garages for nearly a decade allows for foresight into what will and won’t work in most situations. Additionally, the connection between your garage design the budget it will take to complete is one that needs to be considered. You may want an entire wall of garage cabinets and wall storage to hold your tools, but will you be up for the challenge of actually implementing that design? Just know that you’re not alone in this endeavor.

#2. Starting Your Garage Design without a Budget

Whether you know you can purchase the garage of your dreams, or you’re not sure how you will get the budget to stretch to make it work, you want to know where the budget threshold is so that you can make more educated decisions in the design phase and as you upgrade things during the installation process.

One of the worst feelings in the world is expecting your dream garage but getting a 75 percent completed version of that garage due to budget restrictions. Know your money before you make the next move.

#3. Starting Your Garage Design Without a Plan

While the napkin version of your dream garage may seem like a “plan” at the time, it’s only one piece to the entire puzzle. The design of the garage is only the start to the process. Who will buy all the materials, remove existing garage elements, and install the new garage storage and organization system? You need to be able to plan all of this out before you get started so that you don’t spend months working on the project when it could have taken a few short weeks.

#4. Turning Your Garage Into a Living Space

It may seem like a great idea now, but it’s an idea that can devastate your home value later down the road. A popular feature of any home is the ability to park a car inside your garage. Once you remove that feature, your home will drop in value. Most people desire to have a covered space for their vehicles, and they can’t get that with a home that has no garage.

Instead, consider adding a garage storage and organization system so that you can declutter the space and set aside designated room for your vehicle.

#5. Buying Cheap Materials

We’ll be the first to admit that we enjoy getting deals on materials. It feels great to know that you paid less than retail. However, getting a deal versus paying for cheap material, are two very different things. You want to avoid the bargain bins when it comes to your garage renovation project. A higher price tag does not always correlate with higher quality; however, it is the first metric to separate the cheap from the quality.

#6. Hiring Family to Renovate Your Garage

As much as we love our family, there’s no replacement for professional garage storage and organization experts. Sure, your uncle, sister, or nephew may be able to “get the job done,” but will what they do last for decades to come? What if you need warranty work? There are many factors that support choosing a professional garage company like Garage Solutions. You may save money now in hiring family, but you will spend more later potentially fixing or hiring a professional anyway.

#7. Utilizing Potential Garage Storage Space Incorrectly

It may look easy to study a space and decide how you can use it effectively for storage and organization. You may think that a collection of wood cabinets would look nice in one corner, and a wall storage system would do great on the east wall. While this may look like all garage experts do, there’s much more to the process that you’re unaware of.

For most garage experts, we’re looking beyond the “organization” of your new garage elements; we’re thinking about how we can make your dream garage work for you. When you’re in search of your riding gear, do you have to climb over your motorcycle to get to the cabinet that holds it? When your car is parked in the garage, can you still get to the gardening equipment hung on the wall? There are logistics that require more thinking to really grasp how to utilize your garage.

#8. Ignoring Future Storage Needs

When you design your new garage, it’s important to ask yourself, “What will I need in 10 years?.” For most, it won’t be much different, unless you’re growing your family, taking on a new hobby, or simply want to “change things up” a bit. It’s important to consider what your future needs may be so that you can at least plan to allow for expansion within your garage.

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