It’s no surprise that homeowners in San Francisco use their garages the same way they would use a local storage unit. With space already at a premium, the garage is the next best place to keep grandma’s heirlooms, old photographs, or store a classic car you haven’t started refurbishing yet. What happens when all of these items and more begin to pile up high in your garage? You get frustrated, annoyed, and confused as to how it happened right before your eyes. In most cases, homeowners haven’t seen the majority of their garage floor in years. It’s a tragedy! Garage storage and organization should be a priority, especially in a San Francisco or greater Bay Area home.

In this post, Garage Solutions will share the first three items you should not be storing in your garage. This entire blog series will share nine total items. Nonetheless, if you’re ready to discuss custom garage cabinets and storage solutions, give us a call today! If not, continue reading to learn more!

Don’t Store These Three Items In Your Garage

It’s tempting to store items you haven’t used in months or even years in your garage—simply set and forget about them. However, there are at least nine items you don’t want spending time in your garage for various reasons, which we share below:

Item #1 – The Fridge/Freezer

Most homeowners do have a second or third fridge/freezer they store in the garage. This makes sense. You need more room for food and other perishable items. However, a fridge or freezer stored in a non-climate controlled garage will work overtime to maintain its internal temperatures. This means that you’re going to potentially spend hundreds extra to keep your popsicles cold when you could have simply made room in your primary freezer inside the home or upgraded your garage to better control the space’s climate.

Item #2 – Old Paper, Cardboard, or Photos

The frequency of climate change most all garages experience are unkind to paper products in general. The increase and decrease in humidity levels create moisture, which then can damage precious photos or valuable documents you thought were safe in your garage.

Fluctuating temperatures can also have a harsh effect on paper in general. As temperatures rise, it can cause paper, photos, and documents to fold, cringe, or bend due to the heat. When temperatures get too cold, moisture may freeze on the paper items, causing damage then or once it thaws it becomes moisture again, soaking into the paper.

Finally, paper, in general, is a fire hazard. It can attract pests. Mold may begin to develop due to the mixture of moisture and heat.

Item #3 – A Propane Tank

It’s common to see a propane tank, whether for a barbecuer, RV, or otherwise, stored inside a garage. Propane tanks are highly combustible, and if they get to hot will release propane through a safety valve or explode. Furthermore, if the tank has a leak you cannot detect, it is a combustion hazard. Sparks from a tool, contact from a car bumper, or knocking the tank over with your foot could cause it to react.

It’s best to store your propane tanks somewhere other than your garage. Follow some of the tips below to keep you and your family safe around these tanks:

  • Double check tank valve is close
  • Store tanks in a secure, ventilated area
  • Keep propane tanks away from potential spark sources
  • Store tanks away from home
  • Store propane tanks on level surface


The Garage Storage And Organization Experts

When it comes to your garage, it’s important you know what’s in it. In this post, we shared the first three items you shouldn’t store in your garage. What if you don’t have any garage storage or organization system in place? Garage Solutions is here to help! We’ve served San Francisco and the greater Bay Area for years with custom garage cabinets and wall storage systems. If you’re ready to discuss organizing your garage with the experts, contact us today! In the meantime, read part two of this blog series! We’re positive you’ll enjoy it and learn something new!