For homeowners, the garage is the easiest space to store extra belongings, items, or possessions. Some people even store a car, stack their belongings on top of the car, and then forget they own a second vehicle. Your garage can be a mess, or it can be the epitome of organization and storage perfection. The choice is yours. If you’re ready to discuss custom garage cabinets and a unique wall storage system, contact Garage Solutions today!

In this post, we’ll share three more items you don’t want to store in your garage, and in part one, we explained why a fridge/freezer, propane tanks, or paper shouldn’t be kept in a garage. Ready to organize your garage? Call us now! In the meantime, read on to learn more!

Three Items To Not Store In Your Garage

Item #4 – Food

We strongly encourage you to store your dried or canned food somewhere other than your garage. Although the food is sealed, it can still be a victim to rodents and critters of all kinds. Exposure to humidity and extreme temperatures can ruin the food before you even get a chance to enjoy it. If you’re adamant about storing food in your garage, install a climate controlled pantry that’s sealed to protect and preserve your food. If you can’t install a second pantry, consider adjusting your shopping list to accommodate your needs instead of wasting money on food that’s going bad out in the garage.

Item #5 – Wine

It’s a misconception that you can store bottles of wine in the garage safely. In fact, it’s terrible to store wine in a non-controlled climate. Any substantial fluctuation in temperature can ruin the wine for good. Wine needs a stable environment to prolong its life span and maintain quality. If you know anything about wine, then you’re highly aware of how sensitive wine is to its external storage climate.

If you’re a casual or serious wine collector, you will want a dark environment with consistent humidity and temperature levels for wine storage. The wines aging process is directly affected by how it’s stored. Proper wine storage begins with either a cellar, custom wine cabinets, or another solution.

Item #6 – Fabric and Clothing

It’s common to find outgrown or ill-fitting attire stored in the garage. Parents know this all too well. Nonetheless, it’s not the best to store clothes, fabrics, or any of the other items in the garage:

  • Sofa/Chair cushions
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Wedding/Prom dress
  • Baby clothes
  • Sleeping bags
  • Linens
  • Blankets

Consider all that occurs in your garage. The temperature will fluctuate. Fumes and harmful chemicals attach or damage the items. Pests and critters prefer clothing or other similar fabrics for nests. The risk of storing clothes in the garage greatly outweigh the reward, even though you’re not using these items anymore.

If you want to properly store any kind of fabric in the garage, consider an organization and storage system that protects your garments. A custom cabinet system could be the answer to moths eating your beloved wedding dress or scared sports jersey.

Explore Garage Organization and Storage Systems

If you own a home in San Francisco or the greater Bay Area, then you understand the importance of space; it’s at a premium in the city and in the surrounding communities. How do you leverage the space you have with the number of belongings you own? Custom garage cabinets, a wall storage system, and other storage solutions all offer a way to accommodate your needs. Read part three of this blog series to learn more, or contact Garage Solutions to get started on your garage organization project!