garagesolutions_featured4Nothing says “garage update” like metal garage cabinets. Don’t get us wrong, we love our wooden garage cabinets, but there is something so enviable about the metal counterpart. Whether you’re going for the race car garage look or simply want a polished, unique look, then metal cabinets may be the way to go.

Stainless Is In

Just about every kitchen these days has at least one stainless steel appliance. Of course, it’s just stainless plating covering an otherwise ordinary appliance, but the style is definitely there. Metallic and stainless looks that were once reserved for restaurant kitchens are now being touted as a selling feature as the term “chef’s kitchen” is on the rise; well, at Garage Solutions, we’re trying to bring in the rise of the “mechanic’s garage,” where stainless steel cabinets allow homeowners to house even the toughest tools without worry or clutter. Sure, maybe we’re a ways off, but we can dream – and so can you. Stainless steel cabinets in your garage will give you a professional feel, or at the least, offer an incredibly slick look.

Real Stainless Steel

Unlike stainless appliances, our metal cabinets are entirely machined from 18 gauge galvanized steel that is CNC’d to perfection. Our cabinets aren’t made from plywood that is plastered in a thin layer of steel, but instead can withstand even the toughest beatings. Each drawer is made to support up to 100 pounds of equipment, with shelves and interior housings far exceeding even that. You’ll enjoy the luxuries of the finest interior wood cabinetry, like European-style slow closing hinges, but in an impressively more powerful form. The joy that is brought about by truly rugged cabinetry is something you’ll have to experience for yourself to understand, we’re just here to help that become the reality.

Benefits of Stainless

Best of all, you’ll enjoy super easy-to-clean and maintain cabinetry. Your garage should be a place where messes can happen, but cleanup isn’t a headache; our metal cabinets wholeheartedly back that vision. You’ll never need to repaint, you’ll never need to scrub out a stain, and you’ll never need to worry about replacing them (in our lifetimes, at least). Metal cabinets offer you a permanence that is rarely found in even the most expensive products these days, which is something that is hard to even put a value on anymore. Of course, if you ever decide to sell your home, the future buyers will be completely amazed that they could live somewhere with a “mechanic’s garage,” and will wonder if the cabinets were only just installed. Let clutter and wear and tear become a thing of the past by picking a more durable garage storage system for your home.

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