You want to install a garage cabinet system in your San Francisco home. It’s no surprise that you want to get it done for a great cost and in a timely manner. Which type of cabinets will you purchase? You have dozens of cabinet options from local to import. You have a virtually limitless selection. Garage Solutions understands if you’re feeling a little bit of overwhelm, and we want to help you avoid four cheap cabinet types that you’ll regret using for your garage.

Garage Cabinets to Avoid

Alongside the various new cabinet options you can choose from, there are even more low-cost cabinet options that you can use for you garage. Granted, you can’t get much cheaper than free, when it comes to cheap garage cabinets.

#1. Repurposed Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets

While you may find an abundance of DIY blogs suggesting you repurpose or reuse cabinets from other rooms in the house or from yard sales, this is not the best option for your garage. Granted, you will pay less (or nothing) for these repurposed cabinets now, but you will pay later on when you have to repair them or replace them.

#2. DIY Metal Cabinets

You may be handy with some sheet metal and some screws. You may even be a bit of a hobbyist when it comes to metal fabrication. While a DIY metal cabinet may be something you can point at when you’re talking with your friends and say that you made it, you want to leave the cabinet creation — metal or otherwise — be left to the pros. It will save you money, time, and headaches later on.

#3. Plastic Garage Cabinets

While you’re eyeing those free or low-cost repurposed cabinets, you may come across plastic garage cabinets. They are typically low-cost, and they last half as long as the other repurposed materials. What’s more, the plastic cabinet is flimsy and unreliable. Finally, plastic cabinets do not give you the aesthetically pleasing look of class or style.

#4. Prefabricated Cabinets

For most, the garage is a dark dungeon where sentimental belongings go to live out their days alone. As homeowners, we try to do something about the clutter in our garage by installing prefabricated cabinets. No one is going to spend time in the garage, so why does it matter? Well, it does matter, if you’re going to redesign your garage. The materials these cabinets are made out of are susceptible to water damage and rot, as well as having a short lifespan in moderate to heavy usage.

Garage Solutions: Your Garage Storage and Organization Experts

At Garage Solutions, we want the best garage cabinet system for you. This is why we want to tell you directly that cheap garage cabinets give you a cheap garage cabinet look — and that’s not what you’re going for. Do you want a timeless, classic, or modern looking garage? Contact us today to start the conversation around how we can help with your garage. We look forward to hearing from you.