cabinets-storageIn our previous blog, we laid out how to think like a garage storage expert and begin to craft an idea of your dream garage. Today, we will add some tools to use in your pursuit of garage storage optimization with our list of the best general garage storage layout tips. While every garage is different and can use these components to varying degrees, these are the general tips that allow our garage storage experts to revitalize your garage.

Tools in the Garage Storage Toolbox

Optimized Flow

Previously, we mentioned that poor flow is the top reason that garage storage is lackluster, cluttered, or inaccessible. To improve the look and feel of your garage storage, it is essential that all of your efforts address maximizing the flow of the space. By building your space with your most to least used items in mind, you maximize your garage’s shelving, racking, and even cabinetry. Even the best, most organized garage storage systems lose their appeal if the most needed items are stored in the furthest spots or directly apart from one another. With the right storage system, nearly anything is possible, so why not optimize the flow of your storage with item usage in mind?

Think Vertical

Another major difference between a cluttered and impressively organized garage is the use of vertical space; cluttered garages often feature trip hazards on the floor, whereas organized garages use wall space to keep awkwardly-shaped tools and toys up and out of the way. Best of all, vertical space doesn’t mean that the item is any more difficult to get to, actually it is easier to access things that are eye level then it would be to bend over and search for it. Many garages have a rake and broom on the wall, but taking that further to encompass bikes, tools, toys, sporting equipment, and just about anything else is, for many, a revolutionary concept. When it comes to garage storage, if it can be put on the wall, odds are we have done it for countless San Francisco families already.

Custom Garage Cabinetry

Apart from wall space, garage cabinetry can be used to store things that are necessary, but either unsightly or not often needed immediately; garage cabinetries are not, however, a place to hide clutter. By using custom garage cabinetry, you can transform a disorganized workshop space into a discreetly intentional area that can essentially turn on and turn off. For our experienced engineers, the possibilities are nearly endless, which allows us to put your optimal usage at the forefront of the design from inception to completion. Check out our custom garage cabinetry gallery to see some of our previous San Francisco Bay Area garage storage solutions.

Find Your Solution

The experts at Garage Solutions are ready to help your family take back your cluttered space with innovative garage storage and cabinetry solutions. We have the tools necessary to keep your tools and toys well within reach, off the ground, and looking great.

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