1. Features You’ll Want in Garage Cabinets

    At Garage Solutions, we talk a lot about what features and options are available to our San Francisco Bay Area clients when choosing the cabinets that will go into their dream garage. There are, however, a few practical features you’ll want to ensure make it into the final design. Keeping Your Garage Cabinets Functional While there are a few Bay Area garage cabinet retailers that will happily th…Read More

  2. Slot Walls & Garage Storage

    When we think storage, too often our mind jumps to the idea of plastic tubs that hold everything from holiday decorations to old clothes, but we rarely imagine a storage solution that actually utilizes that dimensions in a room to their absolute fullest in the way that slot walls can. Store Upward, Not Outward There is no good reason to stack a bunch of boxes on the floor in your garage. Not only …Read More

  3. 5 Benefits to Installing a Mudroom

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, interior space comes at a premium. We hear homeowners gripe about concerns for their home’s space all the time. Many people come to us wanting garage storage for their extra possessions, but really want a mudroom. If you’ve ever considered a mudroom for your home, read on to learn why you should revisit that dream! How Your Family Can Benefit from a Mudroom Insta…Read More

  4. Garage Cabinets Vs. Kitchen Cabinets

    We commonly get asked questions about how our garage cabinets differ from kitchen cabinets. While there are a great many ways that our cabinets differentiate themselves, the basic differences all stem from the contrasting environments found when comparing garages compared to the much more cabinet-friendly interior of the home. Necessity Breeds Invention: Cabinets that Survive Garage Conditions You…Read More

  5. Garage Cabinet Interior Options

    The shape of your garage will play a large part in the layout and orientation of your garage cabinets; the interior of those cabinets, however, will be largely left to you to decide. There are a number of options that can influence the way your cabinets function, what they can easily store, and how you will ultimately use each cabinet. Cabinet Options & When to Use Them You’ll find that ther…Read More

  6. Choosing From Wooden Cabinet Finishes

    There are a number of choices and options available to those renovating or remodeling a space. Of course, garage cabinets are no exception, with a great many style, finish, and functionality choices. Even once you decide upon wooden garage cabinets, you’ll still have to decide exactly how you want your cabinets to look - and that means understanding the choices. Material & Finishes Depending…Read More

  7. Never Store These in Your Garage Cabinets

    The cabinets in your garage have a funny way of catching all sorts of things that can’t seem to find a place inside of your home. The thing we often forget about the garage is that it is subject to the extreme temperature changes that our homes don’t feel, largely thanks to insulation, ventilation, and climate control systems; this slight difference can have a huge impact on the following item…Read More

  8. Exact Measurements & Garage Cabinetry

    There are a number of important factors to consider when you decide to install new garage cabinets. While some of these considerations may seem obvious, that makes them all the easier to skip or miss altogether. Today, we’ll go over why exact measurements matter in garage cabinetry. Measure Twice, Plan Once, Measure Twice More Planning Garage Cabinets Intelligently Okay, first off, we’ve seen …Read More

  9. Garage Flooring to Survive Rainy Season

    December through February represent the wettest month for San Francisco Bay Area residents, with January taking the cake for the wettest month; beyond just the wettest, January represents the true pivot into the rainy season. The increased precipitation means the highest annual levels of abuse for your garage flooring. Check out some of our inspired Bay Area garage flooring solutions here! Moistur…Read More

  10. Are Metal Garage Cabinets for You?

    Nothing says “garage update” like metal garage cabinets. Don’t get us wrong, we love our wooden garage cabinets, but there is something so enviable about the metal counterpart. Whether you’re going for the race car garage look or simply want a polished, unique look, then metal cabinets may be the way to go. Stainless Is In Just about every kitchen these days has at least one stainless stee…Read More