Not so long ago, carpentry was the work of artisans. Wood was approached only with respect and hard-earned expertise; we strive to restore that level of craftsmanship in each of our wood garage cabinets.

Our maple, solid color and patterned custom garage cabinets are rock solid. They’re finished inside and out and completely enclosed. Each shelf is one inch thick, instead of the half-inch standard, you will find just about everywhere else. This means that ours are stronger, longer lasting, and ready to stand against whatever you need to be supported and organized.

Wood Cabinet Systems

Our garage wall cabinets also feature European-made door hinges, heavy-duty drawer slides, and dowel construction instead of industry-standard staples. We ensure nicks and dings don’t happen with wide protective edge banding versus the paper thin sub-standard edging used elsewhere. Our wood garage cabinets and garage storage systems last and serve better, simply because they are made better.

Garage Solutions’ Custom Wood Cabinets

We know that your vision for your garage storage and organization can become a reality, and our team of professionals is here to make that happen. With quality that cannot be paralleled and dedication to top-notch service, Garage Solutions is proud to provide cabinet installation and construction service for your home.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, where we will discuss the top wood cabinet options and give you a pricing estimate. We service San Francisco, Palo Alto, Danville and surrounding areas.