1. 6 Reasons to Declutter and Organize Your Garage This Spring!

    As Spring blossoms across California, we’re all making preparations to enjoy the warmer weather on a consistent basis. Whether you enjoy taking longs walks, riding your mountain bike, or showing off your car collection, you probably haven’t considered organizing your garage since last Fall. As you examine the disorganized pile of belongings, what comes to mind? Do you want to get rid of it all…Read More

  2. What the best garage storage system?

    Have you noticed the clutter growing in your garage? Do you need a garage storage system to organize all your belongings? Beautiful Garage serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area with the finest quality materials, the best manufacturers, and an expert service team. We understand that life can be hectic, and you just want your garage organization to take care of itself. That’s where we come in.…Read More

  3. Top 6 Reasons to Redo Your Garage

    There’s clutter everywhere. Your family left their soccer equipment in a pile in the corner, there’s a box of broken trampoline springs on the floor, and a bag of dirt from the gardening project you tried last summer has now tipped over and spilled onto the garage floor. It’s time for a change. You’re tired of your garage looking the way it does, and we get it. It’s time to take back the…Read More

  4. Must-Have Man Cave Items

    You’ve finally made the decision to take some space for you—somewhere to just get away from it all. If your San Francisco home is completely out of rooms, that’s alright! We completely understand. That’s why many men are starting to remodel the garage to become their little sanctuary away from the home. If you are ready to turn your garage space into a personalized man cave, we are the tea…Read More

  5. Unique Uses for Your Garage

    When garages first came around, it was expected that everyone would use them for cars. However, many homes these days come with more garage space than we may need, especially if we only own one car. If you find yourself not using this space for anything, you are wasting some valuable space! Whether you want to make the most of the garage storage space with old decorations or a usable living space …Read More

  6. Using Your Garage Ceiling

    While your garage’s ceiling might not be a priority as you adjust the space within, we believe it should be! After all, where in your home can you use the ceiling space for storage without the whole place becoming an eyesore? Whether you are hoping to just get some more storage space, want to improve the efficiency, or you want to use your garage as something other than just a standard garage, w…Read More

  7. Garage shelving ideas San Francisco

    Making the Most of Your Garage Space

    If you use your garage as a workspace, things may already be going pretty well for you. Now, keep in mind that your definition of “pretty well” is going to be a lot different than ours! You might be tripping over some tools every once in awhile, but overall, you’re fine with the setup. But we don’t think you should be. Garage Storage Matters When it comes to figuring out how to make the mo…Read More

  8. Best Garage Storage Layouts

    In our previous blog, we laid out how to think like a garage storage expert and begin to craft an idea of your dream garage. Today, we will add some tools to use in your pursuit of garage storage optimization with our list of the best general garage storage layout tips. While every garage is different and can use these components to varying degrees, these are the general tips that allow our garage…Read More

  9. Identifying Garage Storage Problems

    If you’re tired of looking at the clutter you’ve grown accustomed to seeing in your garage, then it is time to begin identifying and addressing specific problems with your storage. At Beautiful Garage, we have years of experience helping people achieve their dream garage, but before you can dream of the perfect garage, you must have a clear understanding of the problems you want to solve. Deve…Read More

  10. Get a Garage Makeover

    One of the best parts of our jobs is the ability to help San Francisco homeowners turn a taken-for-granted space in their home to a highlight that is enjoyable to be in. We take a dreaded garage redesign, turn it into an exciting dream, and produce an utterly amazing end result on behalf of our clients. If you’re on the fence about contacting Beautiful Garage, here are some reasons you should co…Read More