If you’ve ever renovated your home – who hasn’t in San Francisco – you know just how difficult it can be to choose minute details that will become seemingly permanent features of your home. They say that it is the test of a marriage to pick paint colors, and paint is easy to change! We get it, any decision you make for your home is a big deal, and many alternatives should be carefully considered before picking “the one.” Well, luckily we help to take away some of that anxiety when it comes to choosing a floor coating for your dream garage.

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Simple Suggestions

When you wander into a department store in search of paint, even the best customer service is going to do very little to get you the color in which you are satisfied. The best they can offer you is suggestions based upon the quality of paint; at best, some tips as to what the color you have your eye on will look like when dry. But, that is worth little more than a paper paint sample. And its in a department store; it’s not even at your home, and delivered by someone that helped 300 other people that day with the exact same problem before you even walked in. See the issues here? The “expert” in this situation is in no position to help you decide, which is why picking a paint color can be so stressful. The same is not true when selecting a garage floor coating with your Garage Solutions flooring expert during your free consultation.

True Expert Service

We come to you to avoid the anxiety that is caused by looking at a sample and hoping it’s “the one.” Our service expert will stand with you in your garage and offer suggestions based upon years of experience creating San Francisco’s dream garages. Of course, we want to see your vision become a reality, and offer only suggestions that will help that vision along. It happens all too often that we help someone find an option even better than what they had imagined, simply because they didn’t know the options available in garage flooring. Imagine how much better local home’s interior paint jobs would be if a department store could feasibly offer that level of confident expertise in homes. That is how much better your garage flooring choices are with an experienced expert offering solutions on-site, for free.

Additionally, even if you don’t decide to partner with Garage Solutions, the solutions we come up with during your free consultation are yours to keep.

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We’d love to help you turn your drab garage into the latest statement piece for your San Francisco area home through expertly chosen garage flooring. Our convenient appointments work around your schedule, and are always entirely free. We know our work speaks for itself, but if you’re curious for some examples of our service, check out some of our garage flooring projects and read what our customers have to say about them.

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