There are a number of choices and options available to those renovating or remodeling a space. Of course, garage cabinets are no exception, with a great many style, finish, and functionality choices. Even once you decide upon wooden garage cabinets, you’ll still have to decide exactly how you want your cabinets to look – and that means understanding the choices.

Material & Finishes

Depending on the look and feel of the garage you have in mind, your garage cabinets can look quite differently. While the current trend for interior kitchen cabinets may be to go for a boldly painted color, there is something reassuringly permanent about a wood-grain finish that stands the test of time. In either case, you’ll want to carefully weigh your options before deciding on a finish, as changing your mind after they’ve been in a couple of years is never fun.

Wood Tones

At Garage Solutions, we offer no less than four different wood finishes, many of which are chosen to cover various “red” or “white” grains of wood, including mahogany and maple. These wood tones can make a great compliment to a painted surface, metal storage or cabinetry, and most countertop options. Most people are drawn to wood tones for their timelessness or the ability to match the wood tones to their interior cabinets, flooring, or other design elements. Regardless, the look of wood grain on garage cabinets can be absolutely breathtaking, especially when paired with complementary garage flooring and countertops.

Colorful Options

Of course, a painted finish is also a popular look. Not only does a painted color allow you to create an eye-catching, unique space, but it can be exactly what you like. Many homeowners opt for a shade that suits their favorite color, or instead choose something to compliment their flooring, while many other pick a color that will complement the color their home or favorite car when the garage door is opened – the possibilities are nearly endless. Whether you decide to go with a matte grey or a dazzling blue, your cabinets are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Adding to the Choices

If that isn’t enough in the way of decisions, you’ll still have to pick other hardware and accessories for your cabinets. From the outside alone, you’ll have to decide on the size and scale of the cabinets, where you want countertops and workspace, the type of countertops to accompany the cabinetry, and the hardware or “pulls” that will allow you access into your cabinets, just to name a few! Each of these decisions may seem minor, but can have a lasting effect on how you view your cabinets’ usability and design long-term. Luckily, at Garage Solutions, our cabinetry experts will make sure that your decisions are made and kept as simple and streamlined as possible.

Get Your Dream Garage

If you’re tired of looking at worn-out garage storage, then contact Garage Solutions today for San Francisco’s greatest garage cabinetry and flooring design. During your complimentary initial consultation, you’ll receive more than just a visit from one of highly-qualified garage specialists – you’ll walk away with a fully customized design plan for your dream garage that is yours to keep. Find out what makes us the #1 choice for garage renovations, cabinets, and flooring in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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