pack-ratFor whatever reason, you’ve slipped on your organization efforts. Your garage cabinets, installed to help keep up on garage organization, now serves as a hiding spot for tough-to-find tools and equipment. If you’re planning to clean out your garage cabinets, these are the things you should keep in mind before beginning:

Clean It All Out

Don’t leave any stone unturned or any shelf just “good enough.” Stay vigilant with your garage cabinet cleaning to get the most out of your effort and, hopefully, never have to do this again. We advise you come up with a strategy to help with your efforts and ensure that you cover everything. Try the following:

  • Start at beginning and set aside anything you don’t use often. After all, the most convenient cabinets should be home to the most-used tools and materials only.
  • As you find things towards the less convenient cabinets, cycle them upwards in the overall organization track. This will help you to stay organized in the future and keep the most-used items in the premium spots.
  • Differentiate uppers and lowers by keeping certain types of items exclusively in one set of the cabinets. If you organize the same type of things in different types of cabinets, you’ll have trouble finding them and likely end up buying things you don’t need.

Learn to Let Go

You’re going to find things that are still in the packaging, tools you forgot you had, and materials you will probably never use. Be honest with yourself: Are you really holding onto these for any good reason? If the answer requires some feet shuffling or a lot of “maybes,” then you should consider letting it go.

Note: Disposing of things in the garage is a little more involved than it is when cleaning out the refrigerator; you’ll have to take into account items that can be safely disposed of, donated, or require a specialized service to get rid of. For instance, most paint cannot be safely disposed of, so donating it to organizations like Global Paint for Charity or your local Habitat For Humanity can give your paint a second life in someone else’s home without harm to the environment.

Give Yourself a Deadline

In our previous blog, we gave you the best tips for having an awesome garage sale; put these proven tips to use with a garage sale of unused garage items. This also sets a deadline for when your garage cabinets need to be cleaned out and gives you some incentive to let go of those items you probably won’t circle back to, but don’t want to throw away. There are plenty of ways to create a sense-of-urgency for your garage cabinets cleanout, but the garage sale is probably the most encouraging. After all, a little cash in your pocket and the knowledge that someone else will get use out of the item is a total win-win.

Consider Upgrading

At the end of your cleanout, if you still don’t have the space for garage organization you need, then give Garage Solutions a call. We are the foremost experts in providing garage cabinets throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and are happy to visit your home to layout what your ideal cabinetry solution will look like. Our complimentary consultations won’t cost you anything, but we’ll leave you with a design plan that you can use with or without our experienced team of garage cabinet makers and installers.

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