garagesolutions_featured2To say that most people have a lofty or incorrect expectation and understanding of their concrete garage flooring is an understatement, to say the least. Perhaps one of the largest areas that people misunderstand their garage flooring’s capabilities is when it comes to moisture absorption and transference.

Building 101: Never Touch Wood to Concrete

A basic rule in home building is to never, ever touch wood to concrete directly. It is no surprise that wood rots when it gets wet, but many find it shocking that concrete can be a means to that end. Under the ground, there is an incredibly large amount of moisture that is held from recent rains and underground water sources alike. These water sources can seep up and soak into ground-level materials, which is why wood is not used as a foundation material. Concrete is often used, but with a moisture barrier separating it from direct contact with wood (unless constructed incorrectly).

Common Misuses

Unfortunately, this knowledge is lost on many homeowners, leading them to put recycled wooden cabinets from their kitchen or self-constructed wooden shelving into direct contact with their concrete garage flooring, which can quickly lead to warped and ruined wood or worse. The long-term effects of leaving wood in contact with concrete extend beyond warping and rotting and can lead to mold and mildew forming at the connection point. Since this is the last thing you would expect to form in your garage, it is unlikely that you’ll locate the problem before the spores begin to have an impact on your family’s health. These spores can easily take root in your family’s lungs from simple exposure to air in the garage or even the home, depending on the strength of your garage’s airproofing.

Epoxy Flooring

Installed atop your current garage flooring, epoxy flooring can be a great solution for this. It is crucial that the flooring is first tested for current moisture levels and potentially treated to prevent the epoxy from being damaged or influenced by moisture hidden deep within the porous concrete below. Once properly installed, your epoxy flooring will act as a moisture-safe barrier that wicks away moisture, rather than absorbing it. No longer will you have to worry about oil stains or long-lasting water spots, your epoxy garage flooring will wipe clean and easily push water out of your garage.

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