garagesolutions_featured3When choosing garage cabinetry, there is as much or more to take into consideration than there is when selecting cabinets for a kitchen. Our expert staff is specially trained and experienced in determining the best possible solution for your garage, but there are plenty out there that will claim the same, yet deliver far less.

Car Sizing

Simply put: Not all garages can hold the same garage cabinets. While lining three walls with garage cabinetry may seem like a fantastic idea that is sure to add value to your home, it will absolutely fail to do so if you can no longer fit the correct amount of vehicles in the garage. Well, obviously, you may imagine, any garage cabinet installer would consider that before moving forward; unfortunately, there are homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area that have been downgraded to an extra-wide 1-car garage from what was once a comfortable 2-car garage. Worse still, there are garages in the Bay Area that have had to have newly installed cabinets removed because the homeowners’ vehicles could no longer fit without actually touching the cabinets or garage door. Yikes. Don’t let your garage cabinets interfere with your parking situation, or you’ll regret ever looking into a garage improvement in the first place.

Family Usage

If your family uses certain things more than others, don’t fall for the illusion that placing the most used things in the most obvious storage area is the best solution; instead, the things your family needs most should be kept at the most convenient to access area. These may sound the same, but they are not. Your garage storage solutions, including cabinetry, should be built with your family’s needs in mind, not designed first and then planned out second. Again, you may think that this is common sense, but the reality is that many homeowners and garage cabinet makers/installers get ahead of themselves with the possibilities of the space and forget to consider the actual needs of the family living there. At the end of the day, it is your happiness with your new garage cabinets that should remain as the yardstick for measuring the success of the installation; things like resale value will follow a well loved garage as the odds are high that your family’s needs won’t be too far off from any family looking to purchase your home.

Nuts and Bolts

The specifics of your garage cabinets should also reflect your needs in ways that go beyond storage. Remember, your cabinets determine countertop height, accessibility, interior racking and shelving, and even simple things like doors opening in one direction or the other. All of these may seem minor before you live with your cabinets but can become hugely important when you start kicking yourself down the road for everything you didn’t think of right away. At Garage Solutions, it is our job to think of all the things you may not be focused on right away and design the very best garage cabinets to meet those needs. You’ll love your garage cabinets if they’re sized and spaced right, but you’ll feel at home with them if they function in a way that feels personal; that is the level we shoot for.

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