If you’re considering a new garage floor coating, odds are you are doing so out of necessity. Most San Francisco homeowners see their garage floor as an unfortunate expense, and dread the entire process. But, did you know that there are actually incredible possibilities for making artistic, interesting, and amazingly personalized flooring from garage floor epoxy?

Cloudy Blue Garage Flooring

Nearly Limitless Possibilities

Epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile and cost-effective flooring methods available anywhere. As a garage floor coating, it boasts extreme durability, water and oil resistance, ease of cleaning, little-to-no maintenance, and can look just about anyway you like. Now, epoxy flooring is even spreading to the interior of some homes, which should indicate how well it can look when done correctly.

Professional Installation

The key to a great epoxy flooring design revolves around the installation. While plain epoxy flooring can be easy to learn to install, completing high-end designs, finishes, and stylish patterns requires an expertly trained staff. For some examples of what is possible, check out some of our past San Francisco home garage flooring projects. With epoxy garage flooring, you aren’t limited by the constraints imposed by traditional wood and stone materials, you are free to customize the way your flooring looks in ways that were once considered impossible.

Put Your Touch On It

If you’re considering an epoxy flooring in your garage, get creative! Pick a color that suits you, make it look like a marble countertop, or even add an intricate pattern; the choice is entirely yours. While it may seem daunting to pick what your floors will look like from your imagination alone, you’ll find that, once you start imagining the perfect garage, it is quite easy!

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