Any wine aficionado knows just how temperamental the beverage can be. A bottle of fine wine can last upwards of a decade — maybe longer, depending on the quality of the wine — but even a handful degrees higher than the optimal temperature range can have your entire wine collection spoiling rather than aging nicely. If you’re looking for ways to safely store your collection, your garage can be converted to a temperate wine cellar. As you plan that garage remodel, here’s what you’ll need to consider: 

Creating Ideal Temperature Conditions

Temperature control is, arguably, the single most important element to any wine cellar. Even in many fully finished garages, the insulation and temperature control aren’t great. Before you start picking out your custom cabinets, wine racks, and any other garage storage and organization tools, you’ll need to be sure you can keep your garage within the right temperature range. You’ll want to: 

  • Coat the walls with an insulating paint to protect against outside temperature fluctuations.
  • Seal cracks, especially around windows and doorways to keep warm air from leaking in. 
  • Replace or supplement in-wall insulation to minimize temperature changes. 
  • Choose a garage floor covering that will also help provide better temperature control. 

Controlling Conditions

While you’re at it, you’ll also want to add in a few tools to help you maintain ideal conditions for your wine. Humidity is just as much of a threat to wine storage and aging — and here in the Bay Area, we experience our fair share of humidity. Installing a dehumidifier will make it easier to keep your garage wine cellar at an appropriate level of moisture and help prevent mold from growing. 

In terms of temperature control, you may want to install a cooling unit. Specifically, you’ll want something separate from your home’s HVAC system so you don’t need to keep your home at a balmy 55 degrees year-round. While the weather in San Francisco stays pretty temperate, a cooling unit will keep the conditions in your garage wine cellar ideal for your collection. 

Custom Storage

The way in which you store your bottles can also have an impact on wine storage and the aging process. You could add prefab wine racks to your space, but custom garage storage and organization will give you a much better fit for your space. It’s also the ideal way to create the wine cellar you actually want to enjoy. Custom garage cabinets or a wall storage system can be a good way to separate your wine storage from a tasting area. It’s also the ideal way to incorporate a wine fridge for your whites that will neatly integrate with the aesthetic you want for your space. If you’ll have multiple wine chillers in the space, don’t forget to have an electrician come out to ensure your wiring can adequately power everything. 

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to convert your garage into the ideal wine cellar and tasting space, Garage Solutions is here to help. Connect with us to learn more about our durable epoxy garage flooring, custom garage cabinets, and unique garage storage and organization options to convert your garage to a wine cellar you never want to leave.