Caring for Your Garage

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to provide ongoing upkeep. There is the everyday, routine care, like sweeping and cleaning the bathrooms. Then there’s the more occasional care, like lubricating a squeaky hinge or fixing the cabinet door that always bangs shut. Most of the measures taken are pretty simple, but go a long way toward keeping a home in good shape so it will last as long as possible and retain its value. 

How often do you provide that level of care for your garage? For most of us, the answer is “not often,” or at least not as often as we should. The garage often takes a back seat to those spaces inside that we use more regularly, like the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This is exactly where our garage solutions come into play. Instead of adding more home maintenance to your ever-growing todo list, a durable garage floor coating is a great way to provide needed protection without hours of maintenance. 

Garage Protection, Done Beautifully

Our garage flooring solutions are designed to provide seamless, durable protection that looks great for years to come — and that certainly means the best garage flooring materials in the industry. Our garage flooring goes beyond a layer of foam tiles laid across the space, or a protective paint that starts peeling and flaking in due course. No, we use several options of a garage floor epoxy polyurea to create custom floor coatings that are beautifully customizable and made to last for years and years to come. 

Our garage floor coating is not paint, though it might look like it at first glance. The big difference is that an epoxy floor coating actually bonds with the concrete, which is what gives it such superior staying power. Not only that, but our garage floor coatings provide a seamless seal, which eliminates any cracks where pests or moisture could sneak in and cause damage to the concrete underneath. Overall, we choose to work with epoxy flooring options specifically because we know this garage flooring material provides the best benefits and the best return on investment for a garage renovation project. The following benefits to our garage flooring options highlight why we have chosen the materials we use: 

Better Protection for Your Garage Flooring

As we already touched on briefly, the primary benefit of our garage floor coatings is that they provide a seamless coating from wall to wall. This stands in stark opposition to most other garage flooring options, which generally have seams or fail to fully go from one wall to the other. While the seamless coating typically looks the most aesthetically pleasing, it also provides some serious protection for the concrete underneath. 

Concrete will often grow small, spider-web cracks due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature, how well the concrete cured, and the impact of shifting earth. None of these things are really in our control to stop, but as concrete cracks, it can start wearing away — and cracks can grow larger, becoming a safety hazard. On top of that, small cracks in the concrete can be an opening for pests or liquids to get in, which also wears away at your concrete and can cause lasting damage that you will one day need to be repaired. 

Since our garage flooring provides a seamless seal across the entirety of the concrete surface, but also bonds with the concrete, it provides some major protection that other garage flooring solutions cannot. As it bonds with the concrete, our garage flooring options help guard against the formation of cracks and helps to keep existing cracks from growing larger. The durable nature also helps guard against damage from impact, like dropping a tool or a heavy box on the coated flooring. 

Easier Cleaning and a Safety Boost

One of the big benefits of our garage flooring solutions is that it really reduces how much maintenance your garage’s concrete needs. Since the coating is seamless, you can expect it to last without flaking or peeling away. Plus, it is a sealant, so it does not need to be re-sealed semi-regularly the way some other products do. However, you will still need to do the occasional bit of spot cleaning to keep your garage tidy. The good news is that our seamless garage flooring options are non-absorbent and stain-resistant, which makes it much easier — and faster — to clean up as needed. 

Since the garage floor coatings we use are repellant, it ensures that most grime and spills have a hard time sticking. This is particularly helpful if you want to convert your garage into an additional living space, like a craft room, art studio, or hobby space. Even if you are using highly pigmented paints or sloshing red wine, you can count on the nature of our garage flooring materials to not stain. So whether you drop a bowl of borscht in your garage-turned-entertaining-space or slosh some oil while working on your classic car, you can trust that messes will be easy to clean. 

Our garage flooring is incredibly stain resistant, but more than that, it doesn’t cling to messes the way other materials will. This makes it a lot easier to swipe a mop over the mess or turn the garden hose on it to keep your garage clean without a lot of effort. If you are worried about little ones slipping while they play in a garage-turned-playroom, or inclement weather making your garage a slipping hazard, talk to the Garage Solutions team about adding a bit of extra texture with a slip-resistant additive. Because it helps guard against cracks and is also easy to clean, it makes your garage a safer space to enjoy. 

Chemical Resistant and Temperature Protectant

We have touched on this already, but it is important to note that our seamless, durable garage flooring is not just easy to clean, it is also broadly chemical resistant. This is great for garage renovations that will turn your space into a usable work or hobby space, especially if your work or hobby tends toward the messy end of the spectrum. 

This is where the fact that our custom garage flooring is a type of epoxy comes in handy. Since it bonds with the concrete and cures to a durable, solid state, the garage floor coating does not let any other materials adhere to it. For example, say you are doing some engine repair on your classic car; many of those fluids can quickly stain concrete, leaving it looking messy and worn. Pesticides and lawn maintenance chemicals can also soak into plain concrete and serve as a chemical hazard — especially if you have younger children. Since our garage flooring is chemical resistant, it does not stain and does not absorb spills, making them easier to clean up safely. 

The other key element of using an epoxy-based garage flooring solution is that it provides better protection against temperature fluctuations. We enjoy decently temperate weather here in the Bay Area, but the fluctuations of temperature can expand and contract plain concrete, while humidity can seep into the pores and wear down concrete during those temperature fluctuations. Our garage flooring protects against damage that is caused by humidity and temperature fluctuations in a similar way as it protects against chemical damage. 

Overall Better ROI

Whether you choose to do a total renovation, install custom garage cabinets and flooring, or simply have garage flooring laid across the space, you are giving your home the gift of a solid investment. The major value in our garage flooring solutions comes from the durability and longevity. The flooring itself will last for years to come, which is years longer than other garage flooring options. On top of that, our garage flooring provides protection for the underlying concrete, which helps further prolong its life and extend the value of your garage without much upkeep. 

More than that, though, our custom garage flooring solutions give you a way to make your space stand out in a positive way. It will keep your garage looking beautiful for years, without the dingy, stained concrete that other homeowners struggle with. Our garage floor coatings are beautiful and available in a range of colors and textures so you can find the right fit for your garage renovation, no matter how you choose to use the space. We can even create patterns with multiple colors if that is what will best fit for your garage renovation. No worrying about fading, either! Our garage floor coatings are made to hold their color and texture for years to come. 

So what are you waiting for? Connect with the Garage Solutions team to start planning your garage renovations today!