Custom Metal Garage Cabinets

Do you know someone who installed prefab cabinets in their garage? They create storage where there wasn’t any — but the benefits pretty much stop there. Prefab garage cabinets are typically made from lesser quality materials, they are not made to fit your space, and they rarely come with professional installation. All of this adds up to a product that provides some extra storage, but it’s storage that looks shabby almost as soon as it’s built. 

Your garage shouldn’t look like it’s a dumping ground for the odds and ends your family only uses on occasion. It’s time to reclaim that space and make it somewhere you actually want to use, rather than an eyesore you avoid. And to do that, a key element of any useful garage — whether you use it as a traditional garage or not — is to start with custom garage cabinets. 

Custom garage cabinets offer all of the flexibility and durability that their prefab counterparts do not. To begin with, the Garage Solutions team starts every job by planning out custom storage solutions that fit your specific needs, including everything from a garage wall system to metal cabinets of all shapes and sizes. Then, we show you 3D renderings of the proposed design so you can see how the finished product will enhance your garage. Finally, we provide professional installation on your schedule so you can enjoy your custom garage cabinets for years to come, without all the hassle of trying to DIY. 

Our garage remodel options don’t stop there, either. We also provide custom garage flooring and other options to help you through an entire garage renovation. Ready to get started? Connect with the Garage Solutions team today to learn about all that we can offer.