Custom Wood Garage Cabinetry

When you need better storage in your garage, it is easy enough to simply buy a few prefabricated shelves or cabinet units. But what a waste of space! If you want to declutter your garage and really make it a space to be proud of — a space you will want to enjoy — the answer lies in custom garage design. But there’s no need to go through a complete garage renovation to get the space you want. The Garage Solutions team specializes in turning your existing space into a useful and beautifully designed space, no matter what you want to do! 

What we do is so much more than just install garage cabinets. Yes, we will absolutely take the time to expertly hang garage wall cabinets, but more than that, we want to focus on a comprehensive design that provides the support for your needs and hobbies. Whether you want to simply make your garage storage solutions work for your needs — and make more room for doing what you love — or you want to convert your garage into a living space, our garage design team is here to help make your goals a reality by way of our comprehensive design and installation services. Are you looking for space to really indulge a woodworking hobby? Or maybe you want more room for your growing wine collection. No matter what your interests, we can help bring those ideas to fruition and turn your garage into a space to show off, rather than an eyesore. 


Why Choose Custom Garage Cabinets?

Cabinetry is some of the most vital storage in any home. Yes, we’d argue that cabinetry is that valuable, even when compared to your linen closet or the master bedroom’s walk-in. Closets are great, but they aren’t nearly as versatile and customizable as cabinetry. For that same reason, we highly recommend the long-term value of custom garage cabinets over the prefabricated, stock options. When the goal is to make your garage a more useful, usable, and enjoyable space, custom garage cabinet systems make a world of difference. Here’s why: 

Complete Customization

It may sound like the most obvious perk, but the single biggest benefit to choosing custom cabinetry, no matter the type, is that you will know that the end result is made specifically for your space. Whether your garage is wide or narrow, long or short, custom garage cabinets provide the flexibility to fit both your needs and your space. Custom garage cabinetry means you can have larger and smaller storage options made specifically with your hobbies, interests, and storage needs in mind. It means that you can skip the frustration of figuring out how to store your oversized, bulky, or unwieldy items because each of those things will have its own purposefully designed and designated space. 

Of course, if we’re talking about total customization, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the aesthetic benefits as well. Custom wood garage cabinets give you a wealth of options for the colors, materials, and finishes, not just the structure of the cabinets themselves. We walk you through all of the options and provide experienced guidance to help you find the right options based on how you want to use your revamped space. For example, turning your garage into a den/living space for the family to enjoy calls for a totally different aesthetic feel than, say, a garage remodel focused around your vintage vehicle. Choosing custom garage cabinets gives you the flexibility necessary to fully realize your remodel goals. 

Better Durability

Custom wood garage cabinets offer a pretty big distinction over their prefab counterparts, and that is the benefit of added strength. As a standard, our cabinets are made from inch-thick panels rather than the half-inch panels that are the industry standard. We also use dowel construction in place of the industry-standard staple construction. Even the hinges and drawer slides we use are heavy duty and designed to hold up through a lot of repeated use. Our goal is to provide you with storage solutions that are made for your needs and made to last longer — and custom wood garage cabinets provide the longevity and durability that prefab options don’t. 

Project Flexibility

Another major benefit to choosing custom cabinetry over prefab is that we work around your schedule and your needs. Every job we take on starts with a consultation so we can take your budget, time frame, and needs into account before diving into our work. We take the time to get to know what your scheduling expectations and budget are first, so we can make sure the entire renovation process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have a house full of family coming to visit, or anything else, our team can work around those scheduling needs. We start with a consultation, get all of the necessary details in order, and develop a plan for your garage remodel. Then we mock up a plan, generate images, and solidify the plan with you. From there, all that’s left is to dive in and get your garage remodel taken care of according to that plan. Since we’re working with custom wood garage cabinets, it’s easier to make the process fit your schedule as well as your space. 

Added Value

When planning a garage remodel like this, you probably aren’t thinking about how it will help sell your home, you’re thinking about how you will enjoy the space more after the remodel is done! However, the added value of a garage remodel is something to consider whether you plan on selling any time soon or not. When done well, custom garage finishes can go a long way toward adding value to your home. When done poorly, adding cabinetry or other elements to your garage can go so far as to be a hindrance to sales — and even negatively impact your home’s value when done really poorly. Custom wood garage cabinets and other finishes offer a much better return on investment than prefab options because they are going to hold up better over time, look better, and make the space more usable, no matter how you choose to use it. 

There are so many reasons to choose custom wood garage cabinets. Connect with Garage Solutions today to schedule your Bay-Area consultation to learn more!


Transforming Your Garage Into a Useable Space

A garage doesn’t have to simply be a garage anymore. Sure, many people find value in a space that can store seasonal things, provide a home for sporting goods, and protect their vehicles at night. But more and more these days, a garage isn’t limited to use for its intended purpose. If your garage is little better than extended storage, it’s time to reclaim that space and make it useful — however that looks for you. The options are practically endless, and the ideal use for the space will depend heavily on your lifestyle. Assuming the remodel is done well, you can expect a good return on investment no matter how you modify your garage. If you’re ready to reclaim that space and make the most of it, consider these popular ideas for how to use your garage: 

Man Cave

Turn your garage into the ultimate relaxation and entertainment space. It’s pretty common to see garages get turned into man caves. Add in a big TV and squashy seating to give yourself a space to watch every game or indulge in your favorite movies. It can also be a space to show off artwork, collectibles, or other elements of your interests. Top it all off with a bar, or even a kitchenette for drinks and snacks, and your garage can easily be an oasis you never want to leave. And, with custom wood garage cabinets, you can customize the room without losing out on storage space. 

Vehicle Showroom

In a similar vein, one of the more popular options for garage renovation is to simply make the garage more garage-y. Custom garage cabinets and flooring can turn your garage into a beautifully designed showroom for your classic car, hot rod, or sports car. Give yourself room to tinker, if that appeals, and definitely give yourself finishes that highlight the beautiful design of your vehicle. Here at Garage Solutions, we have plenty of experience crafting personalized at-home vehicle showrooms, so we can guide you through choosing every detail. 

Hobby Space

There are plenty of hobbies that are a bit too messy to enjoy indoors. Whether it’s painting or woodworking or screen-printing shirts, the garage is a great place to contain the mess while protecting yourself and your work from the vagaries of nature. The garage is the ideal in-between place for really indulging in your favorite hobbies and crafts; it provides the comfort of being indoors with the mess-protection of being outdoors. And, by turning your garage into a dedicated hobby space, you don’t have to worry about where to store all the accoutrement, or finding a way to clean everything up so as to not impede family living spaces. Start with custom garage cabinets, and don’t forget to discuss garage flooring options based on what your hobby of choice is!

Home Gym

With the dearth of gyms and fitness studios around, it might feel unnecessary to have a home gym — especially if space constraints are a concern for your home already. However, a home gym is great because you can make use of it in any weather, at any time, without paying for membership fees that you may or may not always use. As for the space constraints, well, the garage is so often one of the largest rooms in any house, and also the most underutilized. You can easily convert the garage into a spacious home gym and still have room left over for storage and more with custom wood garage cabinets. 

Home Office

Similarly, turning your garage into a home office is a great way to bring new, valuable life to a predominantly underused space. Whether you need an office space for the occasional work from home days or you need a space that is permanently set up with all the trappings of your day-to-day job, your garage is a great option to meet those needs. By converting your garage to a home office, you get a usable space without cutting into your other rooms. Of course, depending on your needs, you can easily turn a garage home office into a multi-use space — anything from a mother-in-law suite-style guest room to a game room, and more — if a home office alone isn’t a sufficient use of space. Custom garage cabinets give your space better purpose and can help to separate the space into different purposes as needed. 

Den/Family Space

Do you need more room for your family and friends to kick back and relax? Turn your garage into the ultimate den, game room, family room, or some combination thereof. Add in plenty of wood garage cabinets, install custom flooring or roll out some rugs, and fill the space with nap-inducing furniture. If you need a playroom space that the kids don’t need to keep perfectly tidy, or a room further away from the bedrooms for your teen’s daily band practice, a garage-turned-den offers the ideal solution and it’s simple to make the changes to give you that useful multi-purpose space.

Bar/Wine Cellar

Of course, your garage doesn’t need to be converted to another perfectly useful space. It can gain just as much value when converted to a room you want to invite others to enjoy. Options like a home bar or wine cellar can make for an excellent entertaining space. You may need to do a bit of extra renovation work if you want to add a small kitchen, but building a bar or wine cellar in your garage is otherwise a pretty straightforward proposition. Custom wood garage cabinets can serve as the basis of your bar, complete with a worktop fitted for an in-bar kegerator. Just as easily, that custom cabinetry can provide protective storage for your wine collection and give you a space in which to taste and enjoy. 

Of course, there are really no limits on what can be done to your garage. The basic starting point of custom wood garage cabinets and custom flooring serve as a blank canvas of sorts upon which we can create your ideal space. Our specialty is planning and installing custom garages based on each client’s needs and dreams. Get started by calling us to schedule an initial consultation in San Francisco and across the Bay Area to learn more about what we can do to turn your garage into a useful, enjoyable space.