Winter is fading, and Spring is blossoming. Temperatures are rising, and the urge is building to get back outside. Whether you enjoy brisk walks around the block or bicycle rides up the coast, you’ve probably considered contacting your friend to join you—and you should. But what happens when you can’t get to your bicycle at the back of our garage? What if your classic car is corralled by a mountain of items you haven’t used all winter? You’re not alone. Thousands in San Francisco use their garage cabinets as a storage space for their “extra” items throughout winter. You don’t’ have to be one of the many, however. Want to learn how to make the most out of your spring cleaning this year? Garage Solutions shares its top tips to knock spring cleaning out of the park and finally organize your garage in the following post.

Garage Solutions Version of Spring Cleaning

The last few months it’s been cold and bitter. It’s understandable that you’ve kept your outdoor activity items like a bicycle, a car, or even your kid’s toys in the garage. But what happens when the sun finally returns with its warm rays? The entire family scrambles to get back outside. You dig through your items in the garage to find your helmet, to retrieve your beautiful car from the mountain of stuff, or even make room for a custom workshop. In these moments, you may say to yourself, “I really need to organize my garage.”

Garage solution wants to offer you a few tips on how to “clean out” your garage:

Have a plan: Know what your ultimate goal is with the clutter or mountain of items in your garage. Whether it’s to remove the items or simply reorganize them, it can help speed up the process.

Declutter: As you’re working through the items, remove them entirely from the garage. What does this do? It frees up space to either add a new organization system like the design and strategy from Garage Solutions or to re-identify which items are important and where to put them. Once all items are removed, you can give the space a deep cleaning.

Clean the space: This can mean different things for different people. Cleaning a relatively empty garage may mean sweeping, dusting, or simply organizing a few items. On the other hand, a mop, a hose, or even some deep cleaning products may be needed to get the space looking great again before adding your items.

Cabinets, Storage, and Flooring

Every garage space is different; it’s use is also vastly different from one to the next, too. This is why Garage Solutions offers customized garage organization design plans to those in need. We’ve worked with clients who have a collection of phenomenal classic cars to the outdoor enthusiast with hiking, camping, and mountain biking gear.


Garage solutions offers high-quality, multi-dimensional cabinets to meet any need. Whether you need to keep your riding jacket in a vertical space, or you want to store your favorite outdoor gear in a horizontal setup, we can help. We offer wood and steel with a variety of finishes on any of our cabinetry work.


Sometimes a garage with extra items simply needs a space to call home. Whether this is tools, gear, or equipment, Garage Solutions unique StorAll solution to garage clutter is the best in San Francisco. The only item that should be on the floor is your car.


Most garages sport a worn concrete garage floor. At Garage Solutions, we believe you deserve better. We offer over 20 designer epoxy designer finishes to make your garage look more like a showroom for your cars or equipment than a dark cave to collect random items inside of. Want to add the extra high-end touch to your garage? Consider finishing your floors.

Choose Garage Solutions for Garage Organization

We understand that modern life can be complicated and hectic. This is why we offer custom garage organization solutions to the greater San Francisco bay area. Starting with you, your budget, and your vision, we can deliver high-quality products with professional service. If you’re looking to work with the best manufacturers, the finest materials, and the highest skilled experts, choose Garage Solutions today!