When it comes to making the most of your garage space and keeping it as clean as possible, we can’t imagine an easier way to do so than epoxy flooring. Our team of professionals knows just how to coat your concrete garage floor with a durable, stain-resistant option that will completely change the way you view your garage space. Here are some of the top reasons we love epoxy flooring:

  • These coatings create a shiny, high-gloss surface: With epoxy coating, you can increase the brightness in your garage by up to 200 percent. For anyone who uses their garage as a workspace, this is an excellent solution to lightening up the area to increase visibility on projects.
  • The surface becomes durable: While your concrete garage flooring might seem pretty durable, the porous material will still absorb oils and other chemicals, leaving a harsh smell and unsightly stains on the ground. However, epoxy coating can help your flooring withstand any heavy traffic going in and out of your garage, as well as keep the floor protected during your projects.
  • Fast and easy installation: Epoxy coating takes almost no time to install, so you can have your garage space back quickly.
  • Easy to clean: When spills or dust gather in your garage, how easy is it to clean up? With epoxy flooring, the cleanup process is simple. Since the floor will no longer be absorbent, messes come right up when you go to clean. Epoxy is resistant to oil stains, it beads water, and it wipes clean for a seamless look. The same goes for sweeping! Instead of a constant, dusty mess, you can expect clean floors with little effort.
  • Enhanced safety: Epoxy floors are known for being anti-slip surfaces that are also heat and fire resistant. If you are someone who loves to use your garage space for intense projects, epoxy is a worthwhile investment when it comes to protecting your flooring.
  • Easily customizable: Epoxy flooring can come in many different colors, so you have the freedom to design your space accordingly. You can even use different patterns as you so choose.
  • Simple to care for: Epoxy coatings don’t take very much care or maintenance. When applied properly, your flooring can last for several years without requiring any touch ups or updates.

How Is Epoxy Flooring Adhered?

Epoxy floors simply need a porous surface to stay properly for years to come. If your garage flooring has any issues with cracks or chips, those should be repaired before the epoxy is applied. We remove all grease ahead of time, and then we ensure the space is clean. Primer and epoxy are applied evenly. Once dry, the second coat of epoxy is applied. Finally, a finisher is applied to lock in the gloss and durability!

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