There are a number of important factors to consider when you decide to install new garage cabinets. While some of these considerations may seem obvious, that makes them all the easier to skip or miss altogether. Today, we’ll go over why exact measurements matter in garage cabinetry.

Measure Twice, Plan Once, Measure Twice More

Planning Garage Cabinets Intelligently

Okay, first off, we’ve seen far too many garages that feature shiny new cabinets but do not allow adequate room to comfortably park the family’s full-size SUV. D’oh. These are the type of things that homeowners walk away from the process wondering “how in the world did this even happen?” The answer is simple: Too much time selling and not enough time spent measuring and planning. At Garage Solutions, we give the measurement and planning stages of your new garage cabinets all the attention they deserve. We aren’t above remeasuring something to make sure that it is right, as well as asking what your current and potential future vehicles could look (and fit) like. Looking toward the future of your family’s needs for the garage space is a crucial component to ensuring that your cabinets work for your family for years to come.

Exact Measurement Planning

Aside from just fitting your vehicles into the garage, which should be obvious, it is crucial that the measurements of your garage impact more than just the cabinets that will go in there, but rather influence the cabinets that could go in there. Confused? Think of it this way: Anyone can slap some cabinets into your garage, pausing only to ensure your vehicles also fit, but a truly experienced garage cabinetry planner can use the measurements of your garage to think of multiple possibilities, ultimately settling on what will best suit your household. By having an exact measurement and a detailed floor plan coupled with a visit to your garage and the cultivation and careful notation of your dreams for the space, our garage experts can push the boundaries much more than a simple measurement check.

Corner to Corner

Of course, it is important that your garage cabinets don’t just fit in your garage, but exactly fit. There shouldn’t be visible seams, gaps, or unsightly fixtures added just to fill space. By thinking with a corner to corner mindset, your garage cabinetry installer can create something that looks like it was made for the space – because it was. To truly create an inspired corner to corner design, it is important that every detail is thought of in advance; things like which direction doors will open, how the drawers interact with nearby obstacles, where the countertop lighting recesses are placed, and more all need to be considered well before your cabinets enter construction. Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed, sweating these details is our job. By keeping your initial vision and continued feedback at the heart of the project, we can put our design experience to work in creating the ideal set of garage cabinets for your garage.

The Stuff

At the end of the day, everyone has stuff that goes in their garage. Whether your family’s tough-to-fit items are outdoor equipment like bikes or kayaks, large tools, or even just a lack of hobbyist space in a world of general storage clutter, your garage cabinetry should overcome obstacles, not keep them squarely in your path. Your stuff needs to fit, and fit comfortably, in and around your new garage cabinets. By giving every inch of your garage a job in the design plans, then executing that plan during installation, we can offer your household a truly customized storage area.

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