At Garage Solutions, we talk a lot about what features and options are available to our San Francisco Bay Area clients when choosing the cabinets that will go into their dream garage. There are, however, a few practical features you’ll want to ensure make it into the final design.

Keeping Your Garage Cabinets Functional

While there are a few Bay Area garage cabinet retailers that will happily throw in a few extra bells and whistles to jack up the price of your project, there are a few things that you should be adamant about receiving in the final design, including:

Tool Clearance

Nothing is more infuriating than realizing that your brand-new garage cabinets don’t fit your tools. Unlike kitchen cabinets, garage cabinets need to be able to easily carry some heavy-duty hardware. If your tools can’t fit or sit within your cabinets, you’re going to have a big problem to solve before you even begin to enjoy your cabinets. In order to make sure that space for your equipment is accounted for, it is vital that your cabinet manufacturer takes the time to appropriately measure and account for everything that needs to go inside.

Room to Grow

Accounting for what you have now – in your cluttered, frustrating garage – is one thing, but giving you room to acquire and store the toys you’ve had to forego due to lack of equitable real estate is the mark of a truly gifted cabinet maker. While it is impossible (even for you) to say what kind of space and structure you will need in the future, it is realistic to expect your garage cabinets to easily over-deliver based upon your current needs, effectively allowing you to add things to your collection without worry.


Garage cabinets aren’t inside your house, they’re out with the elements. Your garage cabinets need to be able to get dinged, banged, scratched, and spilled upon without showing any lasting damage. You need either metal or wood garage cabinets that can stand up to the understandably difficult task of acting as both exterior storage and a workbench at any and all times. Your cabinets should be, above all, rugged and reliable under even the most extreme conditions.


Having a non-slip drawer liner for your garage cabinets may not sound necessary at first, but when you feel how amazing it is to set down a tool, bit, or screw onto a slip-resistant surface for the first time, you may sing a different tune. Likewise, something as simple as a rolling cabinet that allows you to maneuver your tools and equipment to where they need to be when you need them to be there can change the way that your garage operates. Simple utility is found in attention to detail, not just in needless upsells, and the difference is astounding. You can finally have the dream garage you’ve always wanted, where a little mess could do a lot of good and everything has its own place.

Your Style

No garage cabinets should be right for someone else. Instead, the cabinets that you hang in your garage should feel distinctly yours. Of course, other people will probably love them almost as much as you do, but that should be second to how much they resonate with you. Whether that means getting a flashy, racecar blue metal cabinet finish or a more refined, elegant look for your floor-to-ceiling, double door wood cabinets. Either way, the idea of garage cabinets isn’t to just match the home or add value, but to reflect your workspace, passion, and personal sense of style. The way we see it, unlike with your interior entertaining spaces, anything goes in your garage.

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