With the rich history of San Francisco, it is no wonder that there are collectors here for just about everything. The large number of car and vehicle collectors here is probably least surprising of all, as the roads in and around the city are known for their iconic, picturesque views. One thing that is surprising, however, is that many car collectors never stop to think about ways to accentuate their collection that does not involve adding another piece. In fact, with the right framing, even a collection of one can look far more impressive than even a much larger collection. The best way that we’ve found to give your collection that museum appeal is to invest in the flooring. With the right garage flooring, nearly any car can look like it’s one of many in a priceless collection.

The High End Look

With sky-high house prices across the city, nearly anyone in San Francisco knows the importance of pursuing a high-end look that matches your home’s inflated sticker price. Whether this means a nice light fixture where a simple bulb could be, crown moulding where there was once plain wall, or even a customized floor paint for your garage, these little differences are all that truly separate a high-end home from just any house. After all, isn’t it time that your garage shared some of the elegance found inside your home?


Find Out for Yourself

Skeptical? Check out our gallery to see some of the high-end looks we’ve achieved. Better still, these completely re-imagined spaces don’t break the bank, odds are they won’t even hold you back from adding to your collection. If you’re interested, schedule a free consultation with one of our garage flooring experts. We’ll happily provide you with a plan for the work based on our suggestions and your overall vision.

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