We commonly get asked questions about how our garage cabinets differ from kitchen cabinets. While there are a great many ways that our cabinets differentiate themselves, the basic differences all stem from the contrasting environments found when comparing garages compared to the much more cabinet-friendly interior of the home.

Necessity Breeds Invention: Cabinets that Survive Garage Conditions

Your kitchen cabinets are made for the interior of your home, which hopefully enjoys a comfortable temperature, humidity level, and almost exclusively remains free of water damage. The same can’t be said about a garage, which makes the cabinets that go within them (by necessity) more resistant to the harsh conditions found outside of the home.

Moisture Evasion

There are a number of ways that garage cabinets can and will encounter moisture, but the most likely way is through the flooring. Whether moisture rises up through a concrete flooring itself from the earth below, or reaches the cabinet from spills, puddles, or accumulations found on the flooring’s surface, your garage cabinets will need to be ready to deal with moisture in ways that kitchen cabinets should never have to. The ways this end is achieved is by creating “floating” cabinets that don’t actually touch the ground or by specially-engineered moisture barriers that prevent the ground from contaminating and ruining your cabinetry.

Climate Control

Again, your simple wooden kitchen cabinets will never have to suffer through the hottest days and the coldest nights in a barely-insulated room, nor will they be subject to excessive levels of dryness or humidity. Garage cabinets, by necessity, need to be made to deal with many more environmental extremes than their interior counterparts. This means that a finer level of craftsmanship is necessary to use materials that can change shape or size under adverse conditions, which is a barrier that all garage cabinetry makers must overcome.

Heavier Cargo

While that standing mixer you use for cakes a couple of times a year may require a good heave to excavate from your kitchen cabinets, that pales in comparison to the numerous tools and equipment that need to be simultaneously stowed in your garage cabinets. These larger, heavier, rougher pieces of equipment require stronger craftsmanship and much more thought put into the overall design and load bearing. Basically, your garage cabinets need to be able to take a beating and remain intact and ready to go again. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is a shelf falling off when you’re trading out tools and focused on the task at hand.

Get Your Dream Garage

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