December through February represent the wettest month for San Francisco Bay Area residents, with January taking the cake for the wettest month; beyond just the wettest, January represents the true pivot into the rainy season. The increased precipitation means the highest annual levels of abuse for your garage flooring.

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Moisture Damage to Garage Flooring & Solution

Water Ruins

If a surface is porous to any degree, then you can expect that water will be captured and damage will quickly follow. As mentioned in a previous blog, concrete flooring acts like a sponge when it comes to moisture, making it a liability during the rainy season. While water will eventually erode just about anything given enough time, porous surfaces show damage in an extremely short amount of time. The small amount of water and mud you bring into your garage every time you park during the wet season can add up to big damage quickly for concrete flooring.

Grinding Down

Our tires are home to more than just water and rubber; instead, your tires bring in the famous Bay Area mud, rocks, and other debris that work to grind down your garage’s flooring. If you’re looking to keep all of the dust and dirt in the Bay Area from harming your flooring, then you need to consider upgrading from concrete. After all, if you leave you car outside in the rain to protect your garage, then what is the point of the garage in the first place? Don’t let a rainy day ruin your flooring or your ability to park inside, make the upgrade to epoxy flooring instead. With a simple epoxy, you won’t have to worry about water damage or debris mixing with water to grind down your floors over time.

Epoxy Flooring Options

In addition to outlasting and outperforming concrete in a number of durable ways, epoxy flooring adds another major benefit: Style options. The sky is basically the limit when it comes to how your garage flooring will look with a fresh epoxy. You can match your flooring to the overall motif of the garage, the home itself, the cars that will go upon it, or even simply choose your favorite color or pattern. Like the idea of a chessboard print in your mancave or a swirling, sparkling purple statement piece in your chickcave? Both are possible, with a number of more toned down options for those in between, by choosing a garage flooring company that has experience making more involved epoxy flooring designs.

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