If, like many San Francisco homeowners, you are planning or undergoing a kitchen renovation, then you have likely considered how you may reuse the old kitchen cabinets you are planning to replace. While it is far easier to just rip out those old cabinets, chucking busted up pieces into a dumpster, you decided to instead undergo the far more difficult task of salvaging each cabinet in one piece. If you’ve considered taking those tired old cabinets to the garage for a second life, here is why we strongly recommend you don’t do that:

Kitchen Cabinets: Made for Kitchens

Think Cinderella

Even if they are from the 80s, your old kitchen cabinets were made for a kitchen; actually, these cabinets were made to fit a specific kitchen: Yours. Chances are extremely low that your kitchen is garage-shaped, or that even a single wall shares dimensions even close enough to have a prayer for a snug fit. If that’s not enough, kitchen cabinets are often made to completely different dimensions than custom garage cabinets are, which could interfere with your car’s ability to fit in the garage. Imagine going through all the work of uninstalling and reinstalling cabinets, only to find that your car no longer fits in the garage.

Textured Blue Metal Cabinets

A Difference in Material

Kitchen cabinetry is made for temperate and dry indoor space, and is not expected to take much abuse. The drawers on your kitchen cabinets are designed to hold spoons, not tools. Additionally, the look and feel of kitchen cabinets are entirely different from garage cabinetry. Your garage is the one place in your home that is allowed to get a little messy, and anything short of dedicated garage cabinets will let you down sooner than later. Whether you need to store larger tools (and can’t), find more drawer space (and can’t ), or need to customize your space to your specifications, eventually the lack of optimized usability will come back to haunt you.

The Borrowed Look

If you don’t like the way your kitchen cabinets look inside, what makes you think you’ll love them anymore outside? Instead of attempting to salvage your kitchen cabinets, you should instead donate them or dispose of them while you have a dumpster and crew working on your home’s interior renovation. If you decide down the road that the borrowed look doesn’t suit your garage, fit your car, or stand up to the abuse you put garage storage through, then you have a whole bunch of installed cabinets you have to find a home for all over again.

Get Real Garage Cabinets

The difference that real garage cabinets can make for the look, feel, and functionality in your workspace will far exceed your expectations. At Beautiful Garage, we have been helping San Francisco families with custom garage cabinets in a wide array of styles and materials. Check out some of our past work in our portfolio galleries or get in touch with us today for a free garage overhaul estimate and plan; even if you don’t decide to go with us, the ideas we come up with for your garage are yours to keep.