You want to use your garage space differently. You’re ready to organize it so that you can utilize it for different purposes. For some, they want a man cave, and others desire to facilitate their fitness goals via an at-home gym. Your options are virtually endless, which may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

When you decide to update your garage, you’re essentially creating an entirely new space to your home. Not only are you adding value to your home, but you’re also adding value to your life. What you’ll need to discover is why you want to update your garage, how you would like to eventually use it, and when you would like this update to happen.

In this article, Garage Solutions is going to walk you through a basic brainstorming process so that you can get the garage of your dreams. Get out a pen and a piece of paper (or a new text document on your computer or phone), and let’s get started.

Garage Storage and Organization Questions

Why Do You Want to Update Your Garage?

If you want to transform your garage from a dark, useless space into something magnificent that fits your lifestyle, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners across the nation are now looking into how to better utilize their garage space. On average, American garages can fit anywhere between one and three cars. What’s more, these garages usually aren’t filled with cars — and most homeowners have at least one additional storage unit full of more stuff.

Take five to 10 minutes and really think about why you want to update your garage. Do you want to build space to get some alone time? Are you trying to be more social and invite your friends over for beer and a game of pool? Got a classic car you want to rebuild? All of these reasons are valid; it’s up to you to choose one.

How Do You Want to Use your Garage?

Your “why” is tied emotionally to what you want to achieve with your dream garage. Now, let’s expand on that reason and determine how you want to use this new dream space: think about your why and then ask yourself, “How will I use my garage once it’s updated?”

This question alone ought to give you at least three ways you can use your garage. In some cases, you may come out with a dozen different ways your updated garage can fit into your life. The suggested way is to pick your favorites so that you can enjoy your garage the most.



The goal here is for you to choose two or three different garage uses, and design the space around these main options. This way, you get your top three choices, as well as being able to fit in the other two to 10 ways you want to use your garage. You may be surprised at how versatile garage storage and organization can facilitate your perfect space.

When Do You Want Your Garage Updated?

The flood of ideas on how you’re going to use your garage can really be overwhelming. What you want to do once you have your “why” and how you want to use your garage is to bring everything back down to earth and determine a timeline. When you update your garage is going to be determined on a few factors:

  • Budget
  • Design
  • Contractor availability
  • Permits (if needed)
  • Your availability
  • And more

Taking your “why” and “how” and inserting it into a timeline gives you a practical approach to transforming your garage. What’s more, you can take all of this brainstorming information to a garage specialist and start an informed conversation instead of one from scratch.

Garage Solutions: A Calm, Cool, Collected Approach to Garage Organization

If you’re ready to talk about transforming your garage, then it’s time you give Garage Solutions a call. We serve the greater Bay area around San Francisco, as well as dozens of counties in the area. It’s time you take back control of your garage space. You can spend the time to DIY your own garage storage and organization redesign, but why not hire the professionals to take care of it for you? You’re not alone. Let’s transform your garage together.