You have a myriad of options when it comes to revitalizing your garage floor.

Most simply paint their garage floor, but that only lasts until the paint begins to crack or flake. Then, you’re left with repainting or “touching up” the ruined portion. Frankly, you don’t have to deal with this floor maintenance the garage storage industry is selling you.

In this post, we’re going to share with you how to find the best garage floor coating to serve your needs. Ready to coat your floor? Give Beautiful Garage a call today! We’ve been serving the Tiburon residents for years. In the meantime, read this post to learn more.

Want the Best Garage Floor Coating?

If you want to redo your garage floor, the best option is epoxy floor coating. You can choose the color you want, have it installed by professionals, and enjoy it for years to come. No more finding paint chips and material cracks. However there are several factors in discovering which epoxy floor coating is the best.

How Will The Floor Coating Look Upon Completion?

You can study pamphlets, flyers, and websites all day, but until you see the floor coating in person with natural or synthetic light, you can’t know for sure how it will “finish.” Once you choose a specific coating and color, ask to see a finished project with that color. If you aren’t able to find one, consider looking at pictures online or through the profesional epoxy installers portfolio. You want superior looking epoxy, not the DIY kit kind.

Will A Professional Apply The Floor Coating?

It’s imperative that a professional applies the epoxy to get the best floor coating possible. Even once you choose a professional installer, you want to determine their experience, knowledge, and reputation. It’s best to ask the following questions and more of the company you choose to go with:

  • How long has your team been applying epoxy floor coating?
  • How long will the application take?
  • Do you and your team have certifications?
  • If something goes wrong, how will I be covered?

What’s the Floor Coatings Durability?

You need to seriously consider the durability of the floor coating once it’s applied. You don’t want to inspect the floor a few years down the road and realize the application was amateurish. That’s why it’s suggested you ask questions, call references, and see a few completed projects that have lasted more than a couple of years.

Epoxy floor coating in general is a highly durable, long lasting solution to garage floor revitalization. You want the following out of your floor coating:

  • Maintains a glossy, attractive finish
  • Remains waterproof
  • Provides impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Rubber marking resistance

Garage Solutions: Your Expert Epoxy Floor Installers

You deserve more than a concrete garage floor in your Tiburon home. If you want to revitalize your garage floor but don’t know how, it’s time you contacted Beautiful Garage. We’ve been serving your area for years, and we know how to transform generic garages into custom spaces that serve your needs. If you’re ready to coat your garage floor, give us a call!