garage-dreamIf you’re tired of looking at the clutter you’ve grown accustomed to seeing in your garage, then it is time to begin identifying and addressing specific problems with your storage. At Beautiful Garage, we have years of experience helping people achieve their dream garage, but before you can dream of the perfect garage, you must have a clear understanding of the problems you want to solve.

Developing the Idea of a Dream Garage

Define Your Dream Garage

No home is perfect; everyone’s house has some degree of storage or organization issues. Achieving your dream space doesn’t mean that everything will be absolutely perfect all of the time automatically, but rather that tools are ready-at-hand, clutter is as removed as possible, and only things that are truly wanted or needed are kept in the space. Each family’s garage needs are a little different, which is why it is important to define your family’s dream garage. Attempt to find answers to the following:

  • What should the bulk of storage be dedicated to?
  • Is there usable space that is being wasted currently?
  • Could you cut some things out of your garage altogether?
  • Which members of the family need to have things stored in the garage? How best can their things be separated?
  • What does the perfect garage look like when you imagine it and what is preventing that from being the reality currently?

Identify the Real Problems

Once you have an idea for what you would love the garage to look and feel like, it is now time to begin identifying specific problems. We advise you take a pen and paper to write out specific pain points, how the problem could possibly be solved, and any frustrations you have with the current layout. Pay special attention to the flow of the garage: Do you have to walk around the lawnmower to reach household items you use regularly? Is getting the car in and out of the garage a regular struggle? Are you concerned that you may trip over something if you aren’t careful? Most of the time, garage storage issues stem from a poor flow, which makes accessing specific items feel difficult or impossible.

Categorize By Usage

The best way to begin working through your garage problems is to identify your must-haves. These are the things you use most and need readily accessible. From there, you work down into more specific items that, while very important when needed, don’t always need to be at the forefront of your garage’s storage. Next are the items that you don’t need on a regular basis, but still want or need to hang onto for a potential future use. Finally, there are the things that, for whatever reason, take up space in an already-crowded area for no real reason. Common examples of these categories include:

  • Most used: Workspace, parking space, garbage cans, pantry, and seasonal equipment during relevant season (lawn mower, snow blower, leaf blower, etc).
  • Often needed: Screws, nails, power tools, bikes, balls, and outdoor toys.
  • May/will need again much later: Paint, primer, camping gear, holiday decorations, obscure tools, non-seasonal equipment (lawn mower, snow blower, leaf blower, etc).
  • Not needed: Clutter, outgrown toys, abandoned projects, etc. These things can be just about anything from a broken lawn mower to a bag of clothes you’ve been meaning to donate. For whatever reason, they’re just taking up space.

Find Your Solution

At Beautiful Garage, we have been helping families in the San Francisco Bay Area take back their garages with innovative garage storage and cabinetry solutions. We have the tools necessary to keep your tools and toys well within reach, off the ground, and looking great.

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