While you may be used to the kid-free garage that your parents had growing up, that no longer has to be the case with the innovations in spill resistant garage flooring. Now, with a little cleaning, your kids are free to play around in the garage with little worry. Of course, if you decide to open up the garage for bike riding on a rainy day, there are a few things you should do to kid-proof the space:

Smooth Garage Flooring

Stash Away Dangerous Stuff

It isn’t enough to put chemicals like antifreeze or sharp tools inside of a garage storage system or cabinet, you must ensure that all dangerous materials are stashed in out-of-reach areas. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all yard tools or large hardware is stored on sturdy garage racking, preventing a dangerous crash.

Clean Up Shop

Whenever you get done with a project, we recommend quickly cleaning your garage flooring. Even with the latest innovations in garage floor epoxy, regular sweeping is still necessary to keep the air and floor safe for kiddos. The same goes for spills: Wet messes are easy to clean off of epoxy, and will not soak into the pores as they can with concrete, but they still need to be cleaned up to keep the area safe.

Kid-proof Corners

Most people don’t design their garage with children in mind, but this space does make an excellent rainy day play area. Before bringing your kiddos into the garage, be sure to dull any sharp corners, even on lower cabinetry, stairs, or storage racks. By using cut up foam swimming noodles, you can protect your walls, corners, and storage for your kiddos and car doors alike.

Get Creative

One major benefit to using your garage floor as a play area is that messes and damage that are usually a nightmare inside can easily be cleaned up and contained in one area. When using garage space, be sure to think of activities that can be fun, but a little too messy for the living room floor. Arts and crafts are a great option, especially with the addition of a small folding table; if paint or glue falls on the garage floor, it won’t be a big deal at all!

Importance of Epoxy

Epoxy garage flooring works as a play area when clean because the smoothness of the floor doesn’t retain dangerous chemicals, stain, or retain messes; we don’t recommend trying any of the above on an old concrete garage floor. If you’re looking to upgrade to epoxy flooring, then just remember you can enjoy this hidden benefit!