Your Sonoma home should be a place of refuge for peace, and family. When you roll into your garage at the end of a long workday, what greets you—a tidy workspace for you to dive into your weekend projects, or a cluttered mess with your kids’ hockey sticks falling everywhere? Regardless of whether your garage is somewhere in between or way worse than just hockey sticks, we understand the dilemma.

That’s where our team comes in. We are Garage Solutions, and we know exactly what it takes to transform your cluttered and hectic garage into your favorite place in the house. From new epoxy garage floor coating to wall storage organization, custom cabinets to unique workstations, we have you covered. Read on to learn more about our services, then contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Garage Cabinets

Regardless of what style you hope to embody, our garage cabinets can help you do just that. Some people prefer the classic look of wooden cabinets while others gravitate towards metal ones. It’s your garage, after all—we are just here to turn your vision into a reality.

Wooden Cabinets

When making any significant change to a home, the number one factor homeowners take into consideration is quality. How will this change affect their lifestyle? When it comes to adding wooden garage cabinets, we’ve found that many of our clients see their lives change for the better. At Garage Solutions, we do our part to ensure that you have the highest-quality custom cabinetry for your garage. That’s why our cabinets are made from maple and painted to your specifications. Every one of our shelves is one inch thick, even though the industry standard is only half an inch. Why? Because we believe in giving you your money’s worth. Our garage cabinets are stronger, last longer, and can withstand whatever it is you need them to hold.

We’ve skipped the staples that the rest of the industry uses. Instead, we went straight to European-made hinges, heavy-duty drawer slides, and dowel construction. Scratches and dings are a thing of the past with our wide, protective-edge banding. Our products last longer for one simple reason: we make them better.

Steel Cabinets

Whatever it is you are using your garage cabinets for, don’t worry—our steel cabinets can handle it. With steel machine from 18 gauge steel and CNC’d to perfection, we ensure that each of our drawers can hold up to 100 pounds of equipment and tools. Our cabinets feature the following:

  • European-style self-closing hinges
  • Double-wall doors
  • Non-slip drawer liners
  • Bulk storage drawers
  • Adjustable shelving

We can help you with a built-in LED TV, rolling tool cabinets, stainless steel countertops—whatever you would like. We want to make your garage space your own. Whether it’s clutter or scattered tools causing the disarray in your garage, we can give you the solution.

Cabinet Finishes

Your garage will never be done until you are satisfied with the way it looks. Let your style shine through in your dream workspace or showroom. Choose wood, choose steel; it doesn’t matter. Whatever you choose, we can help you select the perfect finish. Our colors are bold, are wood finishes are classic, and we can tailor our colors to meet your exact specifications.

Epoxy Flooring

Our epoxy flooring isn’t just about adding texture and color to your garage floor; it’s about creating an easy-to-clean space that can withstand any of your handiwork. With that said, a new epoxy flooring is the perfect way to totally change the look of your garage. Terrazzo, granite, sandstone—whatever look you want, we can give. Let us transform your space into a showroom or workshop for your cars and equipment!

With over 20 stunning epoxy floor finishes to choose from, Garage Solutions offers the finest in both selection and customization. And, if these options don’t suit your needs, there’s no need to stress. We can create a custom color to match your car or workstation.

Storage Options

What is on your garage floor now doesn’t have to be sitting there forever. Whatever you need to hang up can be placed on the wall with our innovative StorALL wall storage solution! We use an interlocking system of panels to hold as many items as you need—tennis rackets, soccer balls, garden hoses, and cleaning supplies will all have an assigned space. Simply let us know what you need off of your garage floor and let us handle the rest.

Change Your Sonoma Garage with Garage Solutions

We do things a little differently at Garage Solutions. This is your garage, and we work to exceed your garage organization expectations. That’s why we know that any renovation begins and ends with you. Whatever your budget, timeframe, and wish list may include, we can work with it. Our team will sit down with you and discuss what you are hoping to get out of your garage. How can we fulfill your vision? Together, we will lay out a plan that is yours to keep, regardless of whether you move forward with our team or not. That’s the Garage Solutions difference!