When you look at your garage floor, what do you see? If you’re like most San Francisco homeowners, you see a dirty, probably permanently stained concrete slab. If you’re tired of looking at oil stains on your rough garage floors, you should probably consider epoxy flooring as an affordable, attractive alternative. While the benefits of epoxy floor paint over concrete are quite numerous, today we’ll go over only the differences found in cleaning and maintaining epoxy garage flooring and traditional concrete slabs.

Epoxy Flooring is Laughably Easier

The reason your garage floor is stained is simple: it can stain. Obvious, right? Well, with epoxy flooring, you will no longer have to worry about that, as it is stain-proof. Even if you manage to spill something worrisome on your floor, such as classic antifreeze or oil drips from your vehicles, you can easily wipe them right off. Remember the first time you cooked eggs in a non-stick pan? Imagine that, for your entire garage floor. Unlike those amazing cooking pans, however, epoxy flooring is not innately slippery to walk or drive upon.

By contrast, concrete floors do not just simply wipe clean. Even the most level concrete is incredibly porous and coarse, making it a difficult substance to even aggressively sweep clean. If you try to keep a dust and debris-free garage floor, then you have undoubtedly broken in one or more tough-bristled push brooms and noticed the clouds of dust they kick up (ultimately dirtying the floor all over again). As far as water goes, you’d better be using a pressure washer if you plan to wet-clean a concrete floor, because simple mopping will only push around dirt and damage your mop. No matter how vigorously you attempt to maintain it, your concrete flooring will continue to diminish in appeal over time, and any changes they undergo will involve more staining and dirtying.


Cleaning and Maintaining Epoxy Garage Flooring

Cleaning epoxy garage flooring is incredibly easy, especially in comparison to the dirt sponge that is concrete. Our tips for an immaculate epoxy garage floor include:

  • Use dust mops on dry areas regularly. Dust mopping only takes a minute: Simply push it around, shake it out, sweep up the mess, and you’re done. This constitutes most of the maintenance your floors will need.
  • Mop up wet messes with a lightly damp mop. Since your floors are stain proof, a quick and easy mop on soiled areas should suffice. No need to overly wet your floors, or even scrub, but we do recommend keeping a “garage mop,” so no oil gets onto your interior floors.
  • Utilize a squeegee for really wet spots. Unlike the dust mop you’ve grown accustomed to with your concrete floor, a squeegee + water/moisture will effectively clean your floors. The added bonus is that you will enjoy a streak-free shine when completed. We recommend using a squeegee for unexpected water or occasional wet cleanings.
  • Note: Epoxy flooring is not typically slippery, but it is when wet. Be very careful walking on heavily saturated floors. The squeegee will quickly and easily rid you of any of that when used properly, leaving you with only dazzling flooring.

dreamstime_xxl_22363064Say Goodbye to Concrete

Interested in upgrading to epoxy garage flooring? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. There are many more perks to this type of flooring, including a number of fantastic color options, incredible durability, and a great look that lasts. Don’t deal with the worn out concrete flooring that only gets dirtier and less appealing with age; upgrade to San Francisco’s finest garage flooring today.

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