With as quickly as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started sweeping across San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area, it may feel like you and your family did not have enough time to prepare. After all, who knew we would be stuck in our homes for so long? It may have been hard to anticipate, but that does not make it any easier to weather the ongoing stir-crazy feelings that are hitting so many of us. In these wild times, you may find yourself scrounging through the house for craft supplies, hobbies you can take up, and games to play that the family is less likely to get sick of. Now, while we know it doesn’t sound as fun as your twelfth round of Monopoly, it is time to consider something you may have overlooked: it is high time to do a bit of spring cleaning — and what better time than when you are stuck at home? 


Tips for Tackling Spring Cleaning

It may not feel like an exemplary spring since it is harder than usual to get outdoors and enjoy the warmth moving in. But it is still spring, and this is the time of year many families tackle a whole-house deep cleaning as a way to start the season (and this year) fresh. And, with a pandemic sweeping the globe, it is even more important to make sure your home is as clean and disinfected as you can get it! 

At this point, though, odds are good that you have your main living spaces cleaned and organized. Since so many Bay-Area residents have extra time on our hands, this is the prime time to take care of spring cleaning in the one space that most frequently gets overlooked: your garage. 


Garage Organization and Cleaning

Get Organized First

Step one to deep-cleaning and organization in your garage should start in the same way you would in any other room in the house. Begin by going box by box, container by container, and sorting through everything in the space. You may need to use your living room or another space for spillover so you can really get things cleared out and organized. We recommend creating a temporary work space with three separate piles: trash/recycling, donations, and keepers. If you really want to minimalize and organize, your “keepers” pile could be sub-organized into different groupings based on what the items are, like holiday decor, keepsakes, outdoor hobbies, and so on.

Then, start with one container at a time and completely remove everything from inside that container. We suggest this specifically for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you have to remove every item from the storage container, it makes it more difficult to ignore making a decision about that item; you’ll have to be more purposeful about your choices. Secondly, as you downsize, you may find that you can consolidate all of the “keepers” into fewer containers. 


Deep Clean Everything

Once you have sorted through everything in the garage, get rid of trash and donation items — though the latter may have to wait until we are released from our stay-at-home orders. If necessary, simply set those donations asid for now, or see if your nearby thrift store is offering pickup services. Once that is handled, deep clean the entire garage. That means cleaning any shelves or garage solutions you already have, sweeping and mopping or hosing out the garage floor, and maybe even taking cleaning supplies to the walls. 


Update Garage Storage and Organization

At this point, your garage should be looking about as clean as when you bought the property! Before you start hauling things back in and creating new piles, this is the opportune time to consider updating your garage storage and organization options. Whether that means paneling to arrange various hooks and baskets, or custom garage cabinets, your garage may not be this neat and clean for a while, so make the most of it. And, as a bonus, you should have a good idea of your storage needs now that everything is well organized. 

Are you looking for custom garage storage and organization solutions in San Francisco, or anywhere across the Bay Area? Connect with Garage Solutions to start with a consultation and see how we can transform your garage!