Garage shelving ideas San Francisco

If you use your garage as a workspace, things may already be going pretty well for you. Now, keep in mind that your definition of “pretty well” is going to be a lot different than ours! You might be tripping over some tools every once in awhile, but overall, you’re fine with the setup. But we don’t think you should be.

Garage Storage Matters

When it comes to figuring out how to make the most of your garage’s workspace, the answer is really simple: storage. Cabinets, containers, shelves, and hooks are the top ways to organize your space, but when it comes down to the details of organization, you might be at a loss. That’s why we have compiled a list of our top tips to make the most of your Bay Area garage’s space.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Space is small, and space is valuable. With this in mind, you have no space to spare for things you don’t use. If you don’t need a certain tool anymore because you were gifted a new one on your last birthday, then don’t hold onto the old one. Host the sale of the year! Even if you use all your tools, there may be some items in boxes or tubs in your garage that you no longer need. Categorize them, and either host a sale or donate these old items. You won’t miss them; we guarantee it.

Paint Your Garage Floor

Those of you with concrete garage floors may really benefit from a professional layer of paint on the garage floor. Projects get messy and dusty, and they can leave unfortunate bits and pieces behind on your concrete floor. Concrete is extremely porous, so any oil spills or other leaks in the garage can lead to a stain that stays way longer than it would on a less absorbent surface. Investing in a quality paint job on your floor is going to make it much easier to clean and maintain, especially as the years pass and your garage floor sees more spills.

Upgrade Your Shelving

Your open shelves might be useful for basic tools, but enclosed cabinets can usually contain more items, as they won’t fall off the sides and damage anything located below. You can even consider investing in adjustable shelving to deal with more items and projects as they find their way into your garage. That way, you can also prioritize your items. Essentials like painting tools, light bulbs, and spare extension cords will likely need to be more accessible than more infrequently used items.

Use the Walls

If you feel like you are limited to placing items on the ground, you are wrong. Use the vertical space that your garage already has to maximize your storage options and keep the ground space clear. You can even hang ceiling storage units or a bike lift to truly give yourself the room you need to complete your projects.

Plan Where to Put Tools

You might work on a motorcycle inside the garage, but you may need to work on the car outside of the garage. By choosing an effective place to put your tools, you might make everything feel much easier and effortless as you work. For example, putting everything in a wheeled tool cabinet will allow you to move whatever you need to the other side of your workspace without worrying about trying to move too many things at once or running back and forth whenever you need something else. Also, by putting things on wheels, you can move them away from the walls to create temporary workspaces or even roll them outside on a nice day.

Detail Organization

As horrible as it may be to sift through your screws, nails, and bolts and organize them according to size, it may help you in the long run. Put your sandpaper in binders to keep them for getting crushed, and ties up any extension cords and wires you are not using. When you organize all the little things, you’ll find that larger spaces open up for bigger tools or even more work room.

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