You’ve finally made the decision to take some space for you—somewhere to just get away from it all. If your San Francisco home is completely out of rooms, that’s alright! We completely understand. That’s why many men are starting to remodel the garage to become their little sanctuary away from the home. If you are ready to turn your garage space into a personalized man cave, we are the team to call. After you hit up Beautiful Garage to make the change for you, it’s time to start gathering items to put in your new home base. Here are some of our top essential items:

A Comfortable Chair

Whether you want a simple recliner or a full-on massage chair, no man cave is complete without this essential piece of furniture. Whether you want your garage man cave to be a spot to watch TV and sports, or whether you just want a hideaway to help relax, a comfortable chair is just what you need. Plus, some of you will likely fall asleep in this chair. Keep that in mind when making your final purchasing decision.


A sports man or not, the television is a non-negotiable in a man cave. For those of you who are very much into sports, this could be the perfect place to host your annual Super Bowl party or catch the World Series. For the men who aren’t as passionate about sports, a big TV could still create a comfortable place to watch your favorite shows and movies. Feel free to indulge in this time alone or invite the rest of the family to join you. While this is your space, extending the invitation every so often probably isn’t too much of a stretch.

Bar or Mini Fridge

One of the best parts of a man cave is that there is no need to get up and leave the room to get something you need (aside from maybe using the restroom). With that said, have all the drinks you need in a bar or mini fridge. This will be useful when you have company, and it will be particularly impressive when showing off your newly renovated man cave to friends and family. If a full bar is an option, then that will look best. However, a mini fridge will hold everything just as well.

Pool Table

Those who are creating a man cave inside the home may not have the space for a pool table, but those of you with a garage are almost certain to have the room. A pool table is the perfect social activity to do with friends or family when they join you for a drink. Not everything needs to be centered around the television!

Poker Table or Dart Board

For some, a pool table just isn’t in the budget. However, a poker table or dart board is usually much more affordable and will still allow you to be social with your company. Start hosting monthly poker nights and see who is the champion in your friend group.

Personal Items

Do you have a collector’s baseball from when you were a kid? How about an autographed poster from your favorite action movie star? Regardless of what it is, if it matters to you, it belongs in the man cave. This is your space, so it’s time to make it your own. Hang up any sports memorabilia, put up the photo of that huge fish you caught, or set up a display case of your favorite model cars. We look forward to helping you map out your garage space to focus on whatever it is that means the most to you.

Extra Seating

It’s unlikely that your man cave will always have just you in it, so consider choosing some additional seating. A big couch is a great option, but we have had people use car seats to create a sort of bench for their guests. Get creative and feel free to ask for suggestions!


For those of you who like to do repairs or weekend projects in your spare time, a workstation is the perfect place to do it. Many men already have a workstation in their garage, but they are usually a little informal. By that, we mean they’re probably using a toolbox and the garage floor. Contact our team for a full workstation, complete with garage cabinets, that we can install in your garage man cave. You will be able to get projects done and relax with a cold one without ever leaving the garage. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Garage Solutions

When you are ready to create your ultimate man cave—complete with epoxy flooring for durability and your ultimate workstation—it’s time to give Beautiful Garage a call. We look forward to helping you set up your perfect getaway.