If you have children, you know exactly how difficult it is to keep things organized inside the home. There are toys everywhere, so much laundry to do, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the sports equipment they keep in the garage. When you find yourself worrying about the garage being able to hold your cars, your lawnmower, your tools, and your children’s items, it’s time to get a little creative with the space.


A nice, easy way to keep things organized in the garage is baskets. You can claim a small space near the garage doors so that they can be easily accessed. You don’t want your kids’ soccer bags and baseball bats accidentally hitting the car as they carry everything in and out of the home. Keeping these items in a basket in the garage makes it less likely for these things to cause damage.

Wheeled Toy Parking

You might know the feeling: you get home after a long day at work, open the garage door, and you see two bikes and a collection of toys right in your parking space. In order to make organization and parking more fun for your little bike riders, you can lay down tape on the floor in the shape of little parking spots. This makes it clear where bikes and other wheeled toys need to be parked, and it ensures that your normal parking spot is freed up when you get home.

Bike Racks

If little parking spaces are not an option, bike racks might be your best bet. Just be sure not to put the bikes up too high; otherwise, your kids may not be able to reach the bikes when they really need them. For safety, store the bike helmets on the seat or attached to the handlebars. This will remind the kids to use these items every time they take down their bikes.

Toy Bins

Any outdoor-only toys, such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water guns, and other fun items, can all be stored in labeled bins in your garage. This will keep the items from making their way indoors and making a mess, and it will provide a bunch of options for your kids when it’s time to take playtime outdoors. Feel free to paint bins and label them clearly. For kids who can’t read just yet, make the containers open at the top so the contents can be clearly seen.

Wall Storage

You can use Slatwall, pegboard, or even simple hooks to keep items off the ground and keep them hanging on the wall. This works well for hula hoops, backpacks, jump ropes, and other items that could be easily ruined when placed on the ground. Just keep the hooks low so that kids can reach items when they want to play, as well as put them back where they go when they are ready to go back inside.

Mesh Beach Bags

Hang mesh bags up in the garage to hold sand toys, goggles, flippers, flotation devices, and any other water and swimming toys you might have. You can grab the bag and just throw it into the car when the family is ready for an aquatic adventure, whether that be as you head to the beach or just the local pool.

Ball Storage

If you have a sports enthusiast or two at home, then you might know what it’s like to go kicking around soccer balls, tennis balls, basket balls, and all sorts of sports equipment. Consider investing in some laundry hampers that your kids can use to hold balls of various sizes. Smaller balls (baseballs, golf balls, etc.) can be stored in baskets hanging along with wall or tucked into your garage cabinets.

Label Spaces

In order to avoid mix ups and “She took my bag!” complaints from your kids, consider labeling specific spaces for each child. They can keep their coats, backpacks, practice gear, and shoes in this designated area. This will prevent the common, “Where are my cleats?” question that always arrives about thirty seconds before it’s time to leave for practice.

Garage Storage Solutions

When it comes to finding the perfect way to keep everything in your home organized, we believe that a great start is garage cabinets. Your family can use this space to store everything from toys, to practice gear, to power tools, and whatever else you might need.