garagesolutions_featured1If you’re looking to add value to your garage beyond the cabinets, storage, and garage flooring offered through Beautiful Garage, the San Francisco Bay Area’s top choice for reimagined garage spaces, then be sure to look at these additional potential garage improvements that add real value to your home.

Adding Value to Renovated Garages


The simplest solutions are almost always best; nothing is simpler for a garage than lighting. Often the difference between a renovated garage that looks great at all times and one that only looks nice sometimes is as simple as the lighting. Remember, garages don’t typically have as many windows as the interior rooms in your home, meaning that they basically get robbed of natural light unless the garage door itself is open. To combat this, it is important that you have clean, pure, and evenly distributed light to enjoy your new space at all times. The best lighting features both upward and downward facing lights that help to light the space evenly and pleasantly; if you’re still sporting a flashing fluorescent bulb strip over your new garage cabinets and flooring, then that is definitely removing some of the value you’ve just added. It may also be a good idea to add a motion-activated switch that will allow the lights to turn on when needed and stay off when they aren’t, which can save on energy bills as well!


Make it yours! Every garage, no matter how nice the cabinets and flooring look alone, should have at least some flair that shows off the owner’s style. Your garage is the perfect place for the neon sign you’ve been hauling around since college, your vintage sign collection, or even a few new additions you pick out to give the place a cohesive feel. In any case, the more your decorations showcase your style, the happier you’ll be with your new garage. If you’re at a loss for where to begin, start by looking at any blank spaces on the walls or clear areas where signs or other decorations could be hung from the ceiling, then simply pick colors and styles that will accent your garage flooring and storage solutions. You’ll enjoy a more impressive garage that feels more like it’s irrefutably yours.

Garage Door Upgrade

Often, simply switching out or sprucing up your garage door can have a big impact. For some, a simple coat of paint is all it will take to make the garage look and feel even better, inside and out. Others may need an all-new door, where the possibilities for new materials and compositions can come into play. Circling back to the first point, garage doors with windows can go a long way to improving the lighting inside; plus, natural light helps to stave off the sense of cabin fever that can occur in rooms without any windows. Other considerations can include actually adding a window or exterior door to let in some more light or improve your access to the garage from the back or side yard.

Contact Beautiful Garage

If you’re still in the dreaming stage of your garage, no amount of lighting or decorations is going to help make a crumbling garage floor and disorganized lack of garage storage, but what can help both of those is planning and creating your dream garage with the help of Beautiful Garage. Contact us today for a complimentary garage flooring and storage consultation anywhere throughout the San Francisco Bay Area!

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