When we think storage, too often our mind jumps to the idea of plastic tubs that hold everything from holiday decorations to old clothes, but we rarely imagine a storage solution that actually utilizes that dimensions in a room to their absolute fullest in the way that slot walls can.

Store Upward, Not Outward

There is no good reason to stack a bunch of boxes on the floor in your garage. Not only is your garage floor a place that should be able to get a little dirty without worry, but it clutters up the space and leaves you with less room to park and work. By instead using the wall space itself, especially over the level of your car, you maximize the space like a 3-D puzzle, rather than a standard flat one.

Defying Gravity

The best way to defy gravity and store upward, not outward, is to use gravity itself. By counter-setting a hook against the wall, you can easily store everything from heavy mountain bikes to shelves of belongings, and everything in between. Storing items that would take up a good amount of space on the ground against the wall allows them to keep their bulkiness toward the ceiling, in what seems to be a defiance of gravity itself. Don’t worry, though, as soon as you take your items off of their rack or hook, you’ll be able to get them down and use them as normal. Best of all, when you wisely use your wall space for storage, you can set up the most commonly used items in places that can be easily accessed and save the more tough to reach spots for things that aren’t used as often.

Endless Options

The slots along a slot wall allow you to easily shift your storage solutions as you need to. With standard garage shelves and storage, you would need to completely unscrew and then re-secure each shelf individually in order to make even the slightest of adjustments to your storage layout. With our garage storage systems, you can easily take down and or move your storage options to fit your current needs; if you get a newer, larger bike, securing it slightly higher or spacing it out more will be no problem; upgrading the family vehicle will no longer mean anxiously testing out your garage storage and pre-planning what you may have to get rid of to fit your new SUV. You can easily change your storage configuration to fit any lifestyle changes you may undergo.

Something for Everyone

One of the best things about a slot wall is that you can easily store all kinds of different things right alongside one another. If mom wants to keep gardening tools next to the youngest’s big wheel, there can still easily be room for skis. Likewise, as big wheels turn to bikes, you’ll be able to change the layout and adjust to give everyone the things they need at the height they need them. Whether you’re a committed hobbyist that wants an entire wall for a single passion or someone that tends to spread out their interests over many different activities, slot walls can provide you the versatility in garage storage solutions to meet any changing need – or many changing needs. Investing in a slot wall or one of our other handy garage storage solutions is a great way to allow your family to grow into their future outdoor interest and activities. As children and hobbies grow or evolve, you’ll be able to endlessly adjust your storage needs to best serve you family now.

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