1. Choosing From Wooden Cabinet Finishes

    There are a number of choices and options available to those renovating or remodeling a space. Of course, garage cabinets are no exception, with a great many style, finish, and functionality choices. Even once you decide upon wooden garage cabinets, you’ll still have to decide exactly how you want your cabinets to look - and that means understanding the choices. Material & Finishes Depending…Read More

  2. Exact Measurements & Garage Cabinetry

    There are a number of important factors to consider when you decide to install new garage cabinets. While some of these considerations may seem obvious, that makes them all the easier to skip or miss altogether. Today, we’ll go over why exact measurements matter in garage cabinetry. Measure Twice, Plan Once, Measure Twice More Planning Garage Cabinets Intelligently Okay, first off, we’ve seen …Read More

  3. Are Metal Garage Cabinets for You?

    Nothing says “garage update” like metal garage cabinets. Don’t get us wrong, we love our wooden garage cabinets, but there is something so enviable about the metal counterpart. Whether you’re going for the race car garage look or simply want a polished, unique look, then metal cabinets may be the way to go. Stainless Is In Just about every kitchen these days has at least one stainless stee…Read More

  4. Considerations for Garage Cabinets

    When choosing garage cabinetry, there is as much or more to take into consideration than there is when selecting cabinets for a kitchen. Our expert staff is specially trained and experienced in determining the best possible solution for your garage, but there are plenty out there that will claim the same, yet deliver far less. Car Sizing Simply put: Not all garages can hold the same garage cabinet…Read More

  5. Cleaning Out Garage Cabinets

    For whatever reason, you’ve slipped on your organization efforts. Your garage cabinets, installed to help keep up on garage organization, now serves as a hiding spot for tough-to-find tools and equipment. If you’re planning to clean out your garage cabinets, these are the things you should keep in mind before beginning: Clean It All Out Don’t leave any stone unturned or any shelf just “goo…Read More

  6. 4 Tips for Awesome Garage Sales

    As the San Francisco Bay Area’s most trusted source for garage cabinets, we’ve seen some incredible transformations in clutter levels from garage sales, but we’ve also seen our fair share of discouraged homeowners left with mountains of junk after unsuccessful garage sales. Today, we’ll share our four favorite tips that we’ve seen local homeowners use to declutter their home in anticipat…Read More

  7. 4 Ways to Recycle Kitchen Cabinets

    In our previous blog, we discussed why kitchen cabinets do not make ideal garage cabinets; of course, if you’re now wondering what to do with your not-to-be garage cabinets, we have prepared four great suggestions specific to San Francisco: Donate Them Rather than sticking them in your garage and hoping for the best, take your cabinets out in-tact and either schedule a pick-up or drop off your c…Read More

  8. Garages Require Special Cabinets

    If, like many San Francisco homeowners, you are planning or undergoing a kitchen renovation, then you have likely considered how you may reuse the old kitchen cabinets you are planning to replace. While it is far easier to just rip out those old cabinets, chucking busted up pieces into a dumpster, you decided to instead undergo the far more difficult task of salvaging each cabinet in one piece. If…Read More

  9. Why Install Garage Cabinets?

    We’ve all heard of custom kitchen cabinets, and seen how much the right cabinetry can transform a kitchen through renovation. Many kitchens can go from looking stuck in last century to an absolute statement piece with a simple cabinet and countertop change. Kitchens don’t have a monopoly on cabinetry, however. In fact, nearly every bathroom has cabinetry of some sort, and the potential for a l…Read More