Garage organization and storage isn’t a luxury in the Greater Bay area; it’s a necessity. You may have a large amount of space, but you still need to keep it organized so that you can park your car in your garage — yes, this is a reality you can experience. What’s more, one in four Americans say their garage needs some kind of custom cabinets, wall storage, or unique organization solution to declutter it all. Are you one of the millions that need to declutter your garage but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s the secret: install a custom garage storage system. In this article, Garage Solutions will share the five reasons why you need to install custom garage cabinets to better organize your garage.

5 Reasons You Need Custom Garage Cabinets

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for space to store things. What’s more, the more space you have, the more things you purchase. This is a constant balancing act for you and your family. There is a solution, however. It’s called custom garage cabinets. Here are the five reasons you need to install them as soon as possible:

#1 – You Can Never Find Anything

If you can never find anything in your garage, it’s a clear sign you need to get organized. Don’t waste any more time searching for what you need. Get custom garage cabinets to save you time and your sanity. What’s more, the time you spend looking for things could be time spent on the road, on the trail, or at your child’s sporting events. An organized garage is definitely worth the investment.

#2 – You Cannot Park Your Car Inside

When’s the last time you parked your car in the garage? If boxes, belongings, and bicycles take up most of the floor space, it’s time you considered a custom garage storage solution. One of the most frustrating feelings is not being able to park your car inside. At Garage Solutions, we believe the only item that should be on your garage floor is your vehicle.

#3 – Your Garage Is Dangerous To Others

You may consider your garage the man-cave, but how safe is it for your spouse, children, or loved ones? A well-designed garage storage solution can save lives. What’s more, the safer your garage is designed, the more time you can spend with those you love. Also, keep yourself safe by storing items in custom cabinets or along a StorALL wall solution.

#4 – You Have Ugly Garage Walls

Garage walls tend to be ugly. Let’s be honest: You would rather look at a wall of custom designed garage cabinets than that gray, depressing color of concrete. Update your garage storage and get more than one benefit. You will feel better about spending time in the space, and you will be more effective with the time you spend there. You will know where every item is located so you can get in, get out, and be on your way.

#5 – You Have Custom Needs

We all have preferences, and your custom garage cabinets are no different. Whether you work on cars or take the bicycle out for bi-weekly rides, you need a garage that serves you. Your lifestyle determines how your garage should serve you. At Garage Solutions, we can help you design the perfect garage for you need to live the life you deserve.

#6 – You Need To Keep The Spouse Happy

Finally, when you keep the garage organized, it keeps your spouse happy. What other reason do you need to install custom garage cabinets? A huge point of friction for spouses is keeping shared spaces organized and clutter-free. The garage is no exception. Make the spouse happy. Design your perfect garage storage system and get it installed. Not only will your spouse thank you, but you will use the space more often.

How To Choose Your Garage Storage Solution

You need to start with your budget. Determine what you’re willing to invest in your garage. You will increase the value of your home, as well as increase the usability of the space. Next, you will want to determine how much storage you need to successfully declutter your garage. Finally, you will want to contact your Garage Solutions experts to get your new storage system designed custom to your needs.

Ready to install custom cabinets? Contact Garage Solutions today to get started.