When it comes to garage storage, we’ve just about seen it all. From rusty coffee cans serving as a graveyard for rustier screws to boxes of “storage” precariously stacked in dusty rafters, we’ve seen a number of really bad DIY garage storage. While our garage storage solutions feature customized answers for all of your storage needs, there are still some really cool ways we’ve seen people make it their own.

Customizable Tool Storage

Magnets & Mason Jars

One of the best things about mason jars is that they work for both masculine and feminine DIY answers; whether you’re looking for garage storage for the family, the man cave, or even the chick cave, mason jars are a great addition. By simply installing a magnetic strip to the underside of a shelf or hanging garage cabinet, you can easily take down and place back mason jars using their metallic lids. Best of all, anything you store in here (non-rusty screws included) is visible from across the garage.

Repurposed Tape Holder

One of the coolest things we’ve seen is a compartmentalized tape holder. By taking an old cd holder and creating gaps large enough for a roll of tape and spindle to sit comfortably inside, you can then install the wood or plastic firmly against the wall of your workshop for easy access to many pieces of tape. Install a cut strip at the end to get tape even easier, and never lose any of the rolls ever again!

Bungee Cord Balls

Take a page from the department store’s book by using bungee cords to hold the ever-growing collection of balls your kids have. All you’ll need is a couple small pieces of wood thick enough to contain the balls (leftover 2x4s turned on their side work great) and about 5 firmly stretched cords to hold a whole ton of balls. By turning the dead space next to the tracks of your garage door and the wall into a ball holder, you can keep storage space in your garage cabinets for things that won’t roll around.

Nothing Beats Professional Storage

At the end of the day, DIY solutions won’t solve your largest storage problems. However, a custom garage storage system from San Francisco’s Beautiful Garage can do just the trick. Check out some of our past work here or get in touch with us today to find out what our customized solutions can do to help you get back your organizational sanity.