When garages first came around, it was expected that everyone would use them for cars. However, many homes these days come with more garage space than we may need, especially if we only own one car. If you find yourself not using this space for anything, you are wasting some valuable space! Whether you want to make the most of the garage storage space with old decorations or a usable living space is up to you, but today, we at Garage Solutions are here to share some lesser-known ways to transform your garage into something spectacular.

Man Cave

Of all the new purposes you could give a garage, a man cave is likely the easiest. Depending on what you want, you may only need some chairs, a sofa, and some sort of entertainment system. From there, you can add whatever you would like for added luxury—a mini fridge, a poker table, a pool table, the list goes on. You can always add to it as time passes, and it’s a great space to keep any rowdy game days outside of the house and in areas where spills won’t be such a hassle.

Game Room

If you want a space that’s good for the whole family, a game room may be the perfect selection. Add family-friendly decorations and game options for game nights. Area rugs, artwork, or anything fun that the family has chosen will add for fun and cozy decor. Don’t shy away from adding in the pool table or ping pong table you would have in a man cave as well! We also recommend adding a card table for game nights.


If you are looking for a space to get your exercise on, but you know you don’t have any room inside the house, the garage is the first place to turn to. It has plenty of space, and it’s much better ventilated than your home if you decide to keep the door open. While you might need to take the walls of your garage and the floor’s ability to hold equipment into account, it still may be worth the privacy and the money saved by not paying for a gym membership. Add in some garage cabinets to store towels and other supplies, as well as rubber mats if you will be doing weight lifting.

Hang Out Space

If you have teenagers or older children, a garage might be the perfect solution if they need somewhere to hang out. Just include a sofa, maybe a mini fridge, and a TV if you have the space and money for it. After you have the perfect set up, you can let your teens be teens without having to worry about loud noises.

Home Office

If you work from home and are interested in a little more seclusion as you work, a home office might be the perfect solution. You’ll want to double down your efforts when it comes to insulation and security, but the design is entirely up to you. Whether you want to set up a desk for your own personal use, tables for any visitors, or even small conference rooms, it’s your call!

Entertaining Space

If you are having guests over for a party, you could always use a little extra space. If this is the case, add in some seating, lighting, and a minibar into your garage to create the perfect party space. If the budget allows, consider adding in a small kitchenette to reduce trips to the kitchen and keep everyone contained in the space.

Yoga Studio

Yoga practice demands a solid floor, and all garages already have that part covered. Putting in a solid flooring over the concrete below, adding some large mirrors on the walls, and even a sunroof to let in that San Francisco sunshine will create the perfect little yoga pod for you.

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