Your garage was meant for more than collecting clutter. It should be used for your cars and additional home storage. Why is it important to keep your belongings off the floor? So you can use your garage how it’s intended.

When it comes to garage storage and organization for your Tiburon home, it’s important to consider a professional to help you discover the best home storage system setup. Cabinets are a great way to get items off the ground in their proper place.

How else can you eliminate clutter in your garage, even after you install cabinets? A garage wall storage system. Your garage will be tider, cleaner, and easier to use.

Five Wall Storage System Tricks

Trick #1 – Utilize More Wall Storage Space

It’s common for homeowners to use their garage walls as a place to install hooks to hang their belongings, but after a few months to a few years, the hooks sag, break, or even fall out. A great way to combat all of this is to install a dedicated wall storage system like the one Garage Solutions offers.

Once you maximize wall storage space, you’ll be able to clear the clutter across your garage floor, giving you, your vehicles, and your family more room to enjoy the space.

Trick #2 – Give Each Item a Home

Sure, you could hang your belongings on a wall storage system haphazardly; however, if you designate each hook and shelf a location for specific items, your garage will stay tidier. When a tool or a bicycle is out of place, you can put it back in its place, creating a tidy, uniform garage. What’s more, you can go a step further and label locations to make it even easier to store or find items.

Trick #3 – Label Each Storage Location

Once you have a garage wall storage system installed, it becomes immensely easier to store things and keep the space tidy. Add labels to specific storage spaces, and you’ll relieve yourself of all storage stress. The bicycle hangs in the same place. Your tools go in the same drawer. You’ll not have to think about finding the riding jacket for your new motorcycle; it’s where it should be.

Trick #4 – Choose Flexible Wall Storage

A wall storage system like StorALL offers flexibility. Seasonal changes with tools, equipment, and more can mean you need to adjust your storage system to accommodate. Furthermore, tools get tossed, bicycles get upgraded, and sports equipment for the kids change. Why be forced to keep the same wall storage setup? You don’t have to when you choose garage wall slat storage that offers flexibility.

Trick #5 – Use The Correct Hanging Accessories

Hooks and hangers come in all shapes and sizes. When you use the proper storage accessories, it makes storing things easier and safer. Instead of hanging your bicycle upside down from the rafters, choose a dual hook system to suspend it from the wall.

Customize Your Wall Storage System

Does your Tiburon garage need organization? Do you want to clear the clutter from your garage floor? It’s time to call Garage Solutions. We serve Tiburon homeowners with turn-key, comprehensive garage storage systems, including cabinets, wall storage, and additional storage options. Contact us today!