Garage maintenance may seem like a new concept to you, but it’s imperative to keeping your garage clean during any season throughout the year. As most who live in San Francisco know, time outdoors is much needed to stave off the “cabin fever” of being inside. Nonetheless, it’s important to know how to maintain your garage before any given season arrives. In this post, we’ll specifically discuss how to maintain your garage during winter.

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Three Garage Maintenance Tips For Winter

Don’t ignore winter garage maintenance in the Bay Area. Your garage will probably get wet and stay wet for most the season. Although winter in San Francisco is different than winter in Seattle, it’s still a hassle to find moisture, water, or puddles in your garage from outdoor activities or your car. What’s more, the water can potentially damage your belongings if they’re on the floor or near the high-volume foot traffic travel areas. Here are three tips to consider for winter garage maintenance in San Francisco:

Tip #1 – Protect Your Garage Floor

In most cases, people in the Bay Area have concrete garage floors. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s a hassle when it comes to maintaining your garage. A concrete pad is more susceptible to cracking when water is consistently introduced to joints, cracks, and more in the pad.

One way to prevent concrete garage floor damage is to remove all water that ends up on your garage floor. If you’re shaking your head right now, we get it. No one wants to maintain their wet garage floor. As a matter of fact, Garage Solutions has a fix for this problem: Epoxy garage floor coating.

Epoxy flooring is a fantastic upgrade to your concrete garage floor. It seals the floor, offers a textured surface, and prevents water from damaging your garage floor. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

Tip #2 – Organize Your Belongings

One huge concern with garages in winter are your belongings. A cluttered garage lends itself to water damage if the liquid finds its way into the space. Whether you track it in with your shoes or you roll it in with your care tires, water is a threat to your belongings.

One way to prevent water from gathering in your garage is to not park your car inside. You can also stop using the garage as an external entrance into your home. For the most part, you just need to avoid the garage altogether. This isn’t viable for most. And what’s the purpose of a garage you cannot use? There isn’t one.

A great solution to protecting your belongings and possessions stored in your garage is to install a garage cabinet storage system. You can choose between wood and metal; finishes and designs; size and width. At Garage Solutions, we offer custom garage cabinets to meet your storage needs in your garage.

Once cabinets are installed, you can keep all of your possessions off the garage floor and away from any kind of water or other Bay Area winter elements.

Tip #3 – Examine Garage Energy Efficiency

The garage plays many roles. It’s a storage space, second entrance into the home, and a potential man-cave. One way you can better maintain your garage during winter is to check its energy efficiency. How well does it maintain temperature, keep air in and out, and transfer energy into the home? Here are a few garage energy upgrades to consider:

  • Install better ceiling/wall insulation
  • Install more energy efficient windows and doors
  • Replace weather stripping to decrease airflow
  • Insulate/purchase an insulated garage door

Garage Maintenance Gets Easier with Time

That’s right! Once you successfully organize and set up your garage to serve you, maintenance becomes substantially easier. Belongings, items, and possessions are stored in their own cabinets and wall storage system. Your vehicle is the only item on the floor. Furthermore, as the seasons change this year, your organized space will be easy to manage as you swap out gear, tools, and more.

Are you ready to discuss installing a custom garage cabinet system in your San Francisco garage? Contact Garage Solutions today!