As you study your garage, you notice it’s a little messy. There are items and belongings scattered about and stacked in haphazard towers of miscellanea. What are you going to do with it all? You already shove boxes aside when you try to get in or out of your car while parked in the garage—sometimes you can’t even park in the garage. It takes 15 minutes to find the second soccer cleat for your child. You notice the bike hanging from the rafters in the dark recesses of your garage and the pile of things between you and it— don’t even think about agreeing to a bicycle ride with your friends.

If you’re like most homeowners around San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, space is at a premium. You have too many things and nowhere to store them. You’ve considered expanding your garage with the little space you do have. But what will that accomplish? You’ll add a few dozen square feet to the garage, but it won’t solve the clutter you’re staring at right now. On the off-chance that you don’t simply close the garage door and go back inside, consider a garage cabinet system instead of an expansion. You’ll gain a custom cabinet storage solution and declutter your garage.

Will Garage Expansion Solve My Clutter Problem?

The first step is to admit that you have clutter. Now that we’ve gotten past that, let’s discuss logistics. The garage space you have now is already full of things. What makes you think adding more room to store your belongings is going to fix the clutter? How’ve you used the current space? Let’s be real. You will probably expand your garage and fill it with more stuff. If you can’t help but think of your overstuffed walk-in closet or the closet in the hallway with more boxes than you can count, you probably need a storage solution, not an expansion.

The Disadvantages to Garage Expansion

A garage expansion will cost you more, take more time, and simply give you more disorganized space to store your things. Here are some reasons not to expand your garage:

  • Complicated logistics
  • High cost (more than a garage cabinet system)
  • Reducing yard size
  • Long project duration
  • Project noise/mess

The Benefits of a Garage Cabinet System

It can be tempting to expand your garage. Have you considered cabinets, instead? Garage cabinets offer more than an expanded garage. Here are some benefits to a cabinet storage system:

  • Dedicated space for items
  • Declutter your garage
  • Improved garage aesthetic
  • Costs less than a garage expansion
  • Less time to design, craft, and install
  • Little to no mess/noise for installation
  • Increase space functionality
  • Decrease miscellaneous storage

Design A Garage Cabinet System Today!

When you choose Garage Solutions, you get the best garage cabinetry, workmanship, and customer service available on the market. We take pride in our ability to serve our customers with the absolute best. Garage Solutions offers a comprehensive garage storage and organization service. From idea to storage system installed, we take care of you. It’s not enough to hope your belongings get organized. You need to take action to get it done. Contact Garage Solutions today!