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Your home is an extension of your personality. Renovations and home improvements offer exciting opportunities to put even more of yourself into the presentation of your home, whether you’ve recently moved into a new home and want to make it your own, or you’ve decided it’s time to bring an old home into the modern age when it comes to both visual presentation and functionality.

When you’re dreaming about possible home renovations, don’t neglect all the opportunities present in your garage! With some help from professional contractors, you can turn your garage from a cluttered, dirty space merely used to collect oil stains from your car and spare bike parts piling up in the corners, to a place you’ll want to use as much as the living room or kitchen. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some of the exciting possibilities available in finishes when you choose Garage Solutions for garage cabinets in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Garage Renovations: The Possibilities Are Limitless

With the help of Garage Solutions, we can transform your garage from top to bottom — literally. From epoxy floors that you could eat off of, to cabinet storage for the walls, to ceiling racks for hanging bikes and much more. What’s even better is that every step of the process can be tailored to your design preferences and your specific storage needs, with custom designs and a huge variety of choice when it comes to the finishes you choose for your wood or steel cabinets.

What Are Some Options for Garage Cabinet Finishes?

At Garage Solutions, we believe your garage should be both functional and beautiful. Whatever your design preference may be, we can find a solution that fits the theme for your home. Or, a garage can be an excellent place to start when redesigning your home with a newer, more modern theme. After all, the garage is generally the first part of the home you enter when you return at the end of the day, and the last you step foot in when you leave — it should be as inviting and functional as possible. Below are just some of the finishes we can provide for the cabinets in your garage:

Clean and Minimal Finishes

If you’re a fan of a clean, modern look, we can provide that in your garage with cabinets finished in white, grey, or other light variations such as silver frost. Your options extend even further with the choice of either wood or steel cabinets, both offering a desirable look for your garage. What better way to show off a cherished car than a clean, minimal background that compliments your prized possession without distracting from it?

Modern Dark Finishes

Whether it’s applied on your home’s exterior, interior rooms, or in the garage, black paint commands attention while remaining tasteful and refined. Black painted cabinets can offer a stunning backdrop in your garage, with all the functionality and durability both wood and steel cabinets offer. You also have the choice of committing and going all black, or taking a slightly more subtle approach with a dark grey or slate finish.

Colorful Finishes

There’s no need to take a bland approach when it comes to your cabinets — show off your colorful personality with the colorful cabinets to match. At Garage Solutions, we offer a wide variety of color options in both our wood and steel garage cabinets. Reds, blues, greens, and yellows can all be applied to match a prized car or bike on display, or to match a sports team’s colors you’re proudly flying in the garage.

Rustic Finishes

Wood garage cabinets are not only beautiful, they are very solid and durable for years and years to come. They also provide a unique opportunity to add some rustic styling to your garage. We can provide a compelling combination of modern, clean design, coupled with the inviting rustic touch wooden cabinets offer. Make your cabinets stand out with a finish in either maple or mahogany, a timeless design.

Contact Garage Solutions for Custom Garage Cabinets in San Francisco

Ultimately, the potential of your garage is only limited by your imagination! We can help you design the perfect man cave, a functional and organized workspace, or even an inviting place to set up some tables and games for entertaining. To see examples of the aforementioned cabinet finish options, visit our finishes page to see what we can do. 

When you choose Garage Solutions to tackle your garage renovation project, you’re guaranteed service with exceptional personal care, from the design and planning stage all the way through installation. Don’t just take our word for it — read some testimonials from our satisfied customers to see the difference we provide. We can turn your garage into the room in the house you’ll want to spend the most time in. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started with your own home garage storage in San Francisco.